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MyMedLeads 4.0 is Here!

All New Patient Reactivation & Retention Programs

Workflow Automation

Use the drag-and-drop automation builder to visually assemble a sequence of communications that combine email, text, and voice.

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Patient Reminders

Send appointment reminder calls, text messages, and emails automatically. Patients can easily confirm appointments instantly from their mobile devices.

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Recall & Retention

Improve patient recall and response with reminder emails when it's time for their next treatment. Create targeted lists and audiences to increase conversions.

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Analytics & Reporting

Comprehensive campaign reporting allows you to precisely measure ROI on your marketing investments as well as the success of your internal campaigns.

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All New Communication Center

We're excited to introduce our all new Communication Center! Dramatically simplify and enhance campaign creation with drag-and-drop workflows and our easy-to-use email designer. The communication center brings together all the tools and resources you need to streamline your recurring communications as well as one-off messages. Create and automate custom campaigns using a combination of email, text, and voice for the ultimate level of relevant marketing. Increase patient engagement and drive higher conversions!

Text & Voice Appointment Reminders

In addition to traditional email appointment reminders, MyMedLeads 4.0 offers text and voice appointment messaging as well. MyMedLeads' appointment reminder and confirmation system not only saves your staff an immense amount of time, it's also a great way to increase patient satisfaction! It should come as no surprise that busy patients want access to tools that make appointment management quick and convenient. Receiving appointment reminders via their mobile devices is less intrusive and makes confirmation fast and easy. Staff can easily see in their MyMedLeads' dashboard who has and hasn't confirmed their appointment yet.

Drag-and-Drop Workflows

Our new drag-and-drop campaign canvas allows practices to build a sequence of automated actions that are triggered as your prospects progress from tile to tile. This major upgrade makes visualizing your marketing process extremely simple and straightforward. Assemble a variety of campaign workflows, from simple outbound email campaigns to more sophisticated communications that include a combination of email, texts and voice messages. Campaign workflows can be designed using logical triggers that react to contact interactions and other criteria, such as email opens, clicking a link and anniversary or monthly recurring date triggers (reminders for ongoing treatments like Botox, Birthday emails, etc...)


Patient Retention & Recall

Retaining a current patient is just as important as gaining a new one. In fact, keeping patients loyal and active is the least costly way to keep your practice thriving. MyMedLeads' new communication center builds patient retention directly into your existing workflow by automatically monitoring recurring treatment dates for patients. Easily set up campaigns that automatically contact patients when it's time to schedule repeat treatments for procedures like Botox, Juvederm, lip injections and more.

Full ROI & Campaign Reporting

MyMedLeads helps you maximize the effectiveness of your marketing strategy while eliminating low-performing, costly ads. The system can track leads all the way from inception to revenue, generating highly accurate ROI reports that show the impact of each marketing program on your bottom line. With the addition of the new Communication Center in MyMedLeads 4.0, practices now have access to comprehensive campaign reporting on their internal marketing efforts. Our advanced email marketing service allows you to precisely measure goal-oriented success-metrics like email opens, click-through rates and more importantly - the ROI of your marketing campaigns.


Newsletters & Birthday Emails

With the new Communication Center, the possibilities for creating engaging campaigns are as limitless as your imagination. Send regular newsletters to let you clients know about monthly special offers and other updates. Automatically deliver Birthday emails with meaningful messages and gift incentives. Improved targeting and segmentation allows you to deliver hyper-targeted content to select groups of your patient base. For instance, customizing your message to send to a list of all male Botox patients who have undergone treatment in the past 6 months will have a significantly higher engagement rate than the traditional batch and blast approach.

Pre and Post-Op Workflows

Our workflow automation tools allow you to completely streamline the pre-op and post-op workflows. These workflows can be generic or they can be tailored to a specific procedure or physician. Automatically send out pre and post-op instructions to patients, as well as patient reminders, consent forms and more. These tools allow your staff to focus on more profitable tasks while minimizing errors and other inefficiencies.


New Message Library

MyMedLeads 4.0 makes communicating with your leads and patients a simple, organized process. All communications you create (including email, voice, and text) can be stored in our easy to use message library. Stored message can be reused in the future and added to multiple campaigns. No more writing the same emails or leaving the same messages over and over again. Save time and put your marketing and outreach on autopilot!

Automated Email Marketing

MyMedLeads makes staying in touch with leads a simple and painless process. Create individual drip email campaigns for as many services or treatments as you like. When a lead is captured, MyMedLeads automatically segments the prospect based on their needs and deploys the proper series of procedure-specific emails over time to nurture that lead. Automated email campaigns ensure you stay in front of prospects in "research mode", providing them with the targeted, valuable information they are looking for.


Patient Opt-in

MyMedLeads' patient opt-in features allow patients to choose how they want to be contacted by your practice, as well as what types of communications they wish to receive. Ensure that your special offers and monthly promotions are delivered to your most receptive and engaged patients to maximize conversions. On the flip-side, providing a clear way to opt out of certain communications clients may not wish to receive helps build confidence and goodwill between your practice and your patients.

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"We have now used this service for months and simply love it. All leads are now at one easily accessed site. Follow up calls are facilitated and recorded."

Grant Stevens, M.D., F.A.C.S.