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List of Features

  • Why MyMedLeads?
  • Capture 100% of Leads
  • Powerful Call Tracking
  • Improve Staff Performance
  • Track SEO & Pay Per Click
  • Marketing ROI Reports
  • PM/EMR Integration
  • Automated Email Marketing
  • Desktop Notification App
  • Eliminate Response Time
  • Get More Reviews Online

Why MyMedLeads?

MyMedLeads brings together all the tools you need to streamline your office workflow, optimize your marketing investments and convert more leads into paying patients. Web-based and easy to set up, MyMedLeads is a medical lead management system designed to simplify and automate each phase of the lead management process while tracking the effectiveness of your marketing channels.

Automate Redundant Tasks

MyMedLeads removes the burden of tedious data entry and other repetitive tasks that slow down productivity. Using advanced integration and call tracking features, MyMedLeads auto-captures lead information and enters new leads directly into the system. Our sophisticated data capture technology works with both web forms and phone calls to auto-populate contact information. Leads can then be scheduled directly into your practice management software, radically reducing manual data entry and improving data input accuracy.

Track Marketing Performance

MyMedLeads integrates with all of your marketing channels to track the origin of every lead that your practice receives. Intelligent reporting capabilities let you view key performance metrics and quickly calculate ROI on each of your marketing investments. We turn important insights into clear, actionable data so that knowing where to invest future marketing dollars is simple and straightforward.

Boost Rep Productivity

MyMedLeads gives your staff the tools they need to work smarter and close more patients. Loaded with a suite of time-saving features like automated follow-up lists, email marketing solutions and text message reminders, MyMedLeads keeps your staff focused on what really matters. The system also gathers individual rep performance data like response times and conversion rates, so that doctors can run staff performance reports at any time.

Get More Patients

Our bottom line is to grow your medical practice by driving increased conversion. MyMedLeads makes it easy to visualize your practice sales funnel, including how many leads you currently have, which stage each one is in, and what steps you need to take to move them closer to becoming a patient. Our easy to implement lead nurturing tools ensure that your name stays in front of prospective patients through consistent engagement and communication.

Seamless Integration with Any Website

MyMedLeads uses advanced tracking technology and API integration to connect with web forms on your practice website, online directories, referral sites, social media and virtually any other online channel you advertise through. When a user fills out a form, the data is sent directly to our system and leads show up automatically in MyMedLeads with a corresponding timestamp, the lead source they were sent from and additional information such as procedure of interest and comments.

Assign Call Tracking Numbers to Offline Ads

For traditional advertising such as print, TV, radio and billboards, MyMedLeads provides unique phone call tracking numbers that can be assigned to each lead source. When a call comes in through a call tracking number, your staff is notified via our desktop app, which automatically converts the caller information into a lead to be managed in the system.

Never Lose Another Lead Again

Track Individual Marketing Campaign Performance

MyMedLeads lets you track the performance on individual advertising campaigns by providing call tracking numbers that can be assigned to specific print ads, billboards, radio spots, landing pages and more. When someone calls the tracking number listed on the ad, the lead source is automatically given credit for that lead in the system.

If you only track your online form conversions, you are missing out on a significant portion of your lead data. Call tracking ensures you get highly accurate reports on the true ROI of your marketing investments.

Outbound Call Tracking & Recording

Our auto dialer system makes calling leads back as simple as a click of a button. Advanced call tracking features allow you to record inbound and outbound calls and can track the number of times a lead was called. This data is used to generate staff performance reports that detail individual rep conversion rates and follow-up habits.

Improve Phone Management Skills

Call recordings also serve as an inexpensive means of helping your office personnel improve their phone performance and manage callers more effectively. Additionally, these recordings can be used to train new employees on how they should answer the phone and best practices for closing prospective patients.

Automate Redundant Tasks & Reduce Data Entry

MyMedLeads offers a number of advanced automation features that significantly reduce the amount of time your staff spends on repetitive tasks such as manual data entry, email marketing and consultation reminders. Lead details are captured automatically and can be transferred directly into your PM software with the click of a button. Our software makes it easy to begin nurturing leads that do not schedule right away with automated email campaigns.

Enhance Phone Skills with Call Recording

MyMedLeads can record marketing related inbound and outbound calls without the need for any hardware or changes to your business phone. Calls can then be rated to ensure quality. These recordings can also be used to help your staff refine and optimize their phone management skills and can be a great resource for training new employees.

Improve Follow-Up Communication

Studies show that leads are usually called one time. Yet research has shown that making a second phone call can increase the chance of making a sale by 87%. Our software makes following up with leads that have not yet converted a painless process. Each week, MyMedLeads creates a follow-up list and adds it to your staff's to do list. Reps can make calls directly from the system with the click of a button.

Run Staff Performance Reports

MyMedLeads lets you run staff performance reports, allowing you to see daily call volume and which of your reps are converting more leads into consultations. These summaries detail individual staff members' interactions with leads, including response times and follow-up habits.

See Which Keywords Are Bringing In the Most Revenue

Until now, SEO and pay per click companies relied on Google analytics for reporting. However, Google Analytics only tells you half the story. MyMedLeads digs deeper than top-level summaries to provide more specific details on conversion and revenue. Our tool can associate searched keywords with each lead that arrives from your website. We then track the lead all the way to revenue so that you can see which keywords are bringing paying patients. This data can then be used to optimize your search marketing campaigns accordingly.

Gain Insights About the Needs of Prospective Patients

Knowing which search term a lead used to find your practice can also provide valuable context about the individual's interests and needs. Knowing this information before calling a lead back allows your staff members to refine and adapt their dialogue appropriately to improve call outcomes.

Track Exact ROI for Any Lead Source

If you rely on your staff asking leads how they heard about you, then what you end up with is usually vague or inaccurate information. MyMedLeads does the work for you by tracking 100% of your online and offline lead sources. By comparing lead conversion and revenue data against specified marketing costs, MyMedLeads can generate highly accurate ROI reports for each individual marketing investment.

Optimize Your Marketing Budget

ROI reporting makes evaluating the effectiveness of your advertising budget a simple and straightforward process. Our doctors eliminate an average of 35% of their marketing expenses using these reports. MyMedLeads takes the guesswork out of marketing your practice so that you can reallocate your marketing dollars to focus on what's working.

Eliminate Data Entry into Practice Management Software

MyMedLeads integrates with some of the leading practice management tools in the industry, including NexTech and PatientNOW. With the click of a button, you can schedule leads directly from MyMedLeads into your practice management software without having to manually enter patient information. When practices rely on manual data entry alone, leads often get lost or mismanaged. This fully integrated solution provides your practice with a secure infrastructure for seamless workflow automation.

Schedule Leads Automatically with the Click of a Button

Keep Your Name in Front of Prospective Patients

MyMedLeads makes it easy to set up personalized email campaigns for as many services and procedures as you like. Procedure-specific campaigns typically consist of 4 - 5 emails that are scheduled to go out over the course of the first month. Each email is designed to provide the recipient with more relevant information on their procedure of interest while generating further curiosity in what you have to offer them.

Build Credibility and Engender Trust with Leads

Studies show that for every 9 inquiries into your practice, on average, only 1 actually schedules a consultation. If you do not have an effective system in place for nurturing these other 8 leads, then you are missing out on a significant opportunity to grow your practice in the long run.

Most practices just send out an auto-response Thank You email whenever someone fills out their form. This is not effective marketing. Practices that send out targeted email campaigns that offer valuable information on the lead's specified needs get a much better response than those that only send out the occasional eblast to their entire mailing list. By providing content that speaks directly to a lead's interests, you establish yourself as a helpful resource and engender a sense of trust that often translates offline.

Eliminate Data Entry with Automatic Lead Capture

Our Instant Desktop Notification app makes capturing and entering lead details easier than ever. Your staff gets notified via a popup on their desktop moments before the phone rings in your office, or when an inquiry arrives via a form submission. This popup provides the identity of the caller, as well as the advertising source that sent them. Clicking on the notification automatically opens a pre-populated lead capture card in MyMedLeads, where you can add notes, procedure of interest or set reminders to call the person back.

Never Lose Another Lead Again

Your office employees already have a lot on their plate and lead information is often not recorded properly, or worse, leads get stuck in email inboxes or lost in your CRM. Automatic lead capture enables your staff to quickly and easily capture accurate data about new leads in real time. With our desktop app, manually entering leads or printing them from your Outlook to manage them is a thing of the past!

The Significance of Speed for Lead Conversion

The most critical component of converting leads to patients is response time. Data has shown that calling leads within 12 minutes of receiving them drastically increases the chance of conversion. If the lead is not called within the first hour, conversion rates begin to drop significantly. Yet, the average medical practice takes around 9 hours to respond to form inquiries. Studies show that practices that call leads in 12 minutes or less convert about 65% of leads into consultations, whereas those that wait 9 hours only convert about 8%.

Put a Stopwatch to Leads & Track Staff Response Times

MyMedLeads helps you decrease this time gap by tracking the response times of your staff members. When leads come in, our system provides a date and timestamp for each individual inquiry so that we can track the time it takes your staff to call leads back. There is always a direct correlation between speed and conversion rates. Typically, consumers are more apt to listen attentively to the person who called them first with the information they need.

The Importance of Managing Your Online Reputation

More and more consumers are turning to the Internet to do their homework on businesses and service providers. According to a Nielson report, 70% of consumers trust recommendations from online reviews. Positive online reviews not only increase your credibility in the eyes of potential patients, they can also determine your business ranking in Google.

Syndicate Your Positive Reviews from Patients

MyMedLeads makes getting good reviews easier. Our system sends out automated surveys to patients after their treatment asking for their feedback. We can then syndicate these positive reviews to major search engines to help enhance your online reputation and boost your ranking.