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Appointment Reminders and Confirmations

Appointment No-Shows - The Silent Revenue Stealer

Automatic appointment reminders are the most efficient way to reduce “no-shows” and free up your staff for more important tasks. A missed appointment may seem trivial at the time, but the reality is that no-shows cost medical practices thousands of dollars each year.

In addition to being silent revenue stealers, missed appointments can deprive other patients of necessary care. Then, there are the additional labor costs of rescheduling and managing paperwork involved with missed appointments. Physicians simply cannot afford to ignore something that significantly impacts their profits and monopolizes their staffs′ important time.

Recoup Lost Revenue with an Automated Appointment Reminder System

One of the most common reasons for appointment no-shows is forgetfulness. Calling every patient to confirm their appointment is incredibly resource and time intensive though. MyMedLeads dramatically reduces no-shows and eliminates phone tag by sending automatic text message and email reminders to patients.

These reminders are automatically sent to patients before their upcoming appointment. When these messages are deployed is based on the specifications you set up for your specific practice. MyMedLeads appointment reminders allow patients to easily add the appointment to their online calendar. These messages also include a convenient map to your office to help patients make it to their appointments on time.

Convenient SMS and Email Confirmation

MyMedLeads′ appointment reminder system is 2-way, allowing patients to easily confirm their appointments or request a reschedule through text and email. In addition to saving your office personnel time, automated reminder and confirmation messages are also less intrusive for the patient. Most people are busy and do not always have time to answer the phone, which makes confirmation problematic. SMS and email reminders make it easy for patients to respond to your confirmation request when it is convenient for them.

SMS and email have been shown to outperform other communication mediums in achieving higher confirmation rates. Numerous studies have actually shown that implementing SMS & email appointment reminders can reduce "no shows" by up to 80%. Automated appointment reminders are a cost efficient way to:

  • Recoup potential lost revenue
  • Increase the efficiency of care delivery
  • Simplify scheduling and office workflow
  • Increase patient satisfaction and retention
  • Automate repetitive, time consuming tasks
  • Increase response rates of your appointment reminders

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