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The Power of Integrating your CRM with Practice Management Software

Running a busy medical practice is a complex process, and at times, downright overwhelming. Between patient records, appointment scheduling, task organization, billing, office reports and more, there are thousands of pieces of data that need to be kept accurate and securely organized. Fortunately, the introduction of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and Practice Management Software (PMS) has helped practices streamline administrative workflow while improving the patient treatment cycle.

EMRs and practice management systems are often bundled into one product, which most practices now use to manage day-to-day operations. While these tools have greatly modernized medical practices over the past couple decades, a gap still exists between the “pre-patient” workflow and the working process once someone becomes a patient.

Managing the Lead-to-Consult Sales Workflow

Practice management software is great for managing patient relationships once they are scheduled for consultation, but most are not set up to handle the lead-to-consult sales cycle. Countless patients contact your practice every year, but for whatever reason, they never schedule a visit. Typically, busy front desk staff may follow up once, but abandon the lead when no contact is made. CRM and lead management platforms like MyMedLeads are designed specifically to manage the pre-patient workflow, with features like:

  • Lead Management Suite – Auto-capture new leads with a running history of all communications, follow-up reminders, position in sales funnel, etc…
  • Automated Marketing & Recall Campaigns – Nurture leads in the background with auto-triggered emails, text messages, and outbound call reminders.
  • Two-Way Texting – Blend human interaction seamlessly into your automated processes with two-way texting straight from your dashboard.
  • Appointment Reminders – Reduce “no-shows” with appointment reminder and confirmation system offering email, text and voice messaging.
  • Automated Patient Reviews – Get more positive reviews on Google, Yelp, Realself, and more to boost your online reputation.
  • Marketing ROI Reports – Track ROI on specific marketing initiatives and identify your highest performing ad campaigns.

Integration with Practice Management Software

MyMedLeads’ integration with your existing practice management software rolls pre-patient info like the marketing channel that sent them, call recordings, email/text message interactions and more into your PMS account for a more complete picture.

This integration benefits users on both sides of the screen. With MyMedLeads’ online scheduling tool that plugs directly into your PMS appointment calendar, prospective patients are just a click away from scheduling an appointment date that is most convenient for them. Data entry is communicated with the whole practice simultaneously – which also makes things quicker and easier for both staff and patients.

 Automating Processes

This integration also makes it easy for MyMedLeads to automate processes that used to have to be done manually – by people in different departments. Information on leads is automatically captured from potential patients calling in as well as from your online presence – including web forms, directories, email campaigns, social media posts and more.

Since MyMedLeads is integrated into your practice management system, it can even automate scheduling reminders to be sent to patients via email or text.

Phone calls, emails, texts, and scheduling with patients are all recorded and filed, giving your staff a comprehensive history of interactions with each patient. This history is displayed in one convenient dashboard so that lead details can be accessed quickly and accurately.


Generating Reports

All of this information is incorporated into easy-to-read reports and sales funnel flow charts from beginning to end. New leads appear at the topmost layer of your sales funnel the moment that they call in or interact with your practice online. As prospects move through the consideration phase, they continue to move down the funnel, accompanied by actionable steps for staff to take and automated communications at every stage, maximizing the likelihood they will convert into patients.

Once a lead is ready to schedule, the click of a button securely sends all of their data into your scheduling software. The integration is two-way, meaning MyMedLeads can still track and market to patients from consultation to procedure completion and beyond. (Learn how MyMedLeads helps you keep existing patients coming back with automated recall). Revenue synchronization between the two systems also helps your practice generate highly accurate ROI reports on your marketing campaigns. These reports make it easy for accountants and marketing departments to work together to ensure you’re utilizing your marketing budget to its fullest potential.

ROI Reporting for Doctors

Automating Patient Review Collection

The integration between MyMedLeads and your practice management system even helps you collect more patient reviews. The moment a patient is checked in for their appointment, your PMS tool communicates this information to MyMedLeads and automatically adds them to a list to receive an email asking for feedback about their experience. Staff can easily configure when review requests go out based on a procedure’s recovery timeline, ensuring their review is submitted at an optimal time during their healing process.

Review Service for Doctors

Engage with Patients at Each Stage of Their Treatment Cycle

Everything that we’ve discussed thus far still requires potential patients to first find your practice and interact with your content. MyMedLeads also helps you and your practice to automate marketing material, including emails, texts, and phone calls. Integration with your practice management system allows MyMedLeads automated campaigns to go beyond simple lead nurturing campaigns and continue engaging patients with post-consult, recall, post-op campaigns and more. Since the two systems are constantly talking to one another, MyMedLeads can automatically trigger the correct campaign once a patient progresses to the next phase in their treatment cycle.

Focusing on what’s Important

In order to have a successful practice, your staff needs to be able to give their complete attention to the patients that you already have. That means that they can’t spend all of their time tracking down potential patients, circulating information that’s already in your system, and compiling this data into various reports.

With MyMedLeads’ practice management integration, this information is automatically captured, shared between both systems, and reports are generated automatically for you. This allows your staff to spend more of their time focusing on the people in front of them, while MyMedLeads helps convert more of your leads into patients.