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Discovering Which Search Terms Deliver Paying Patients

When it comes to their SEO campaigns, most doctors focus on getting a high volume of visits to their website from Google each month. While high volume site traffic is important and certainly looks good on paper, it’s only part of the equation. It doesn’t matter how many people come to your site, if the majority of them aren’t filling out a form or picking up the phone to call your office, then that traffic isn’t doing you any good.

When it comes to keywords, there are two types of search terms: informational keywords and conversion keywords.

Informational keywords tend to bring visitors that are mainly seeking information, advice or an answer to a question. These keywords usually have high search volume, but they convert at a much lower rate.

Conversion (or transactional) keywords on the other hand, often have a lower search volume, but are more likely to lead to a sale or some other form of action (filling out a form, calling your office, etc…). Higher converting keywords usually fall in the “long tail” keyphrase category. A long tail keyword is a search query that is very specific and is usually made up of 3 – 6 words.

A person who is using a short tail keyword, like “skin rejuvenation” or “skin care” for instance may just be looking for simple skin care tips. A person who searches for “chemical peels south Austin” on the other hand, is considered to be further along in the purchasing process and more likely to convert. These individuals have usually already done their research and know what it is they want. They have read through the advantages and disadvantages of certain treatments and decided that a chemical peel would provide their skin the most benefit. At this point, they are now trying to decide where they should go in their area for this specific service.

These transactional keywords are obviously the search terms you want you SEO company to be focusing on to achieve your best return on investment. But how do you go about figuring out how profitable a keyword is for your practice?

MyMedLeads Keyword Conversion Tracking Tool

MyMedLeads offers a built-in keyword conversion analysis tool that shows you the exact search terms that a lead used to find your website. More importantly, it reveals which of those keywords resulted in actual revenue for your practice. This data can then be used to refine and optimize your search campaigns to focus on search terms that bring you the most profitable traffic. Visit MyMedLeads.com to learn more about SEO & PPC revenue tracking tools for doctors.