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How to Get Patients to Advocate for Your Practice Online

Once a lead becomes a patient, your efforts should shift to staying connected, building loyalty and keeping the patient happy with your services. A happy patient is much more inclined to spread the word about your services and send referrals your way. Long-term, loyal clients are also more likely to go online and write positive reviews for your practice.

Online Reviews are the Modern-Day Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Before the digital age, small businesses and medical practices alike relied heavily on word-of-mouth and referrals for new clients. While referrals are still a great source for sending new patients, more and more consumers are turning to Google, rather than friends and family, when searching for a specialist in their area. Additionally, the personal nature of choosing a physician for an elective cosmetic procedure makes the anonymity of online research all the more alluring.

The Importance of Online Patient Reviews

According to a Nielson report, 70% of consumers trust the recommendations from online reviews, making them the second-most trusted form of advertising. 72% of consumers said that they give the same degree of credence to online reviews that they do to personal recommendations.

According to a study from Vitals:

  • 47% of individuals that looked up a physician online felt differently about the doctor after viewing their profile.
  • 76% of participants indicated that when it comes to determining a doctor’s qualifications to treat them, reviews from other patients were just as important as the doctor’s years of experience.
  • Nearly a quarter of participants said they would need to see at least 5 – 6 reviews or ratings to feel that they are a credible indicator about the doctor.

One thing is certain, more and more patients are going online to do their homework when they start looking for an aesthetic practice. The best way to ensure a positive online reputation is, of course, to provide a remarkable patient experience at your office – one that is worthy of being shared online.

However, a positive patient experience doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the individual will take the time to write a review for you online. There are things you can do as a practice to remove roadblocks and make it as effortless as possible for your happy patients to share their feedback on review sites like Yelp, Google, and Realself.

How MyMedLeads Helps You Get More Patient Reviews

MyMedLeads helps your practice automate and integrate the review process into your practice’s existing patient management workflow, helping you accumulate a steady stream of online reviews from your satisfied patients. All your staff has to do is check patients into your practice management software, and we do the rest!

Using automated, post-appointment surveys and email invites to the top physician review sites, our tools help you encourage positive online feedback from your satisfied patients. Most patients who are pleased with the service or treatment they received from their physician are gracious and willing to leave appreciative comments, but it’s not typically at the top of their priority list. Unfortunately, for patients that felt they had a negative experience, sharing it online often does become a top priority – which is why many physicians’ review sites do not always display an accurate reflection of their ability or skill.

The MyMedLeads Patient Review Service helps make sure you are fairly represented online, diminishing the significance of negative reviews from angry clients, and clearing the way for more of your satisfied, loyal clientele to share their experiences online.

Beyond Reviews…

Outside of bolstering your online reputation, there are many other methods for staying connected to your patients and creating advocates out of your happiest clients.

  • Staying connected to your patients through email is a great way to stay top-of-mind. Frequently sending out special offers with added incentive to share the email with friends is always a great starting place.
  • Actively engaging with online communities like Facebook is another great medium for reaching out to patients who are more likely to share your content and monthly specials with their friends.
  • The visual nature of platforms like Instagram and Snapchat are also proving to be a useful communication tool for plastic surgeons, med spas, and other aesthetic practices.
  • Realself is another important social community site where you should have an active presence. Realself users are much more inclined to talk about their experience with your practice, share pictures of their results, and act as a champion for your brand.

Learn How MyMedLeads Helps You Manage Leads at Each Stage of the Sales Pipeline

When you’re an aesthetic practice, managing your business and staying organized can sometimes feel overwhelming. MyMedLeads helps you and your staff stay focused on growth by linking all of your sales, marketing and other service information into one integrated solution, eliminating fragmented data and giving you a complete view of business performance.

Our comprehensive lead management solution for medical practices streamlines the entire sales process, from inquiry to paying patient. MyMedLeads provides all the tools your practice needs to convert more prospects into patients and maximize ROI on your marketing investments. Effectively manage your entire lead process and never miss a potential sales opportunity using workflow features optimized for the medical industry.

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