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Making a Great First Impression

First impressions are key, and a prospect’s initial opinion of your practice is really a critical moment. The experience they have with the first representative they speak with will unconsciously shape their overall view of your establishment and how you run your office. This subconscious opinion can be a dangerous tipping point in whether they decide to keep calling around and potentially even choose another doctor.

If front desk staff members have not been trained on proper phone etiquette and sales techniques, then you could be losing multiple appointments each day. In fact, 20-30% of prospective patients are lost on the first phone call.

Sales is a difficult trade to master, and most medical front desk staff do not have the experience to promote your practice effectively. However, simply developing a sales script and system for your staff to follow could make all the difference. Taking the time to train your staff to successfully close calls will boost the number of new patients you see each month.

Scripts should be followed loosely though. One way to turn someone off is to sound too mechanical or disinterested. Putting effort into the call from start to finish and showing genuine interest in the prospect’s needs is essential. A pleasant first experience with your practice can be a huge advantage.

Have your office reps practice skills like:

  • Maintaining friendly conversations
  • Speaking slowly and clearly
  • Being a good listener
  • Keeping an optimistic attitude

Simply taking the time to train your staff to successfully handle and close calls will inevitably boost the number of new patients you see each month.

How MyMedLeads Helps Improve First Contact

In addition to providing response time tracking to ensure staff are responding to leads in a timely fashion, MyMedLeads also offers call recording features for quality assurance. These call recordings serve as an inexpensive means of helping your office personnel improve their phone performance and manage callers more effectively. Additionally, these recordings can be used to train new employees on how they should answer the phone and best practices for closing prospective patients.

Interested in learning more about call tracking, recording, and our host of other conversion and growth-focused features? Call 844-446-9633 today to schedule a demo and see how MyMedLeads can help your practice!

Stay tuned for the next post in our Sales Funnel Series – Lead Nurturing.