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Improving Patient Retention and Recall

According to research, keeping existing patients coming back is almost 10 times less expensive than attracting new ones. Thus, an effective patient recall system is one of the most important components to the overall success of your practice. Not only does it help you to avoid lost revenue for your practice, it can also boost patient satisfaction.

However, traditional recall methods are labor intensive and expensive. The reality is that many practices lack the staff or resources to manually call patients to remind them when it’s time to schedule an appointment, and as postage rates continue to rise, postcard reminders become a less viable option.

Automate Recall Messages

Automated recall with systems like MyMedLeads helps you begin increasing revenue and filling your schedule without adding to your staffs’ already busy workload. Patient retention is built directly into your existing workflow by automatically monitoring recurring treatment dates for patients. Staff can easily set up campaigns that automatically contact patients when it’s time for their next treatment. These recall messages can be sent using automated calls, text and email, allowing your practice convenient channels of communication for reaching out to current patients.

Internal Marketing Strategies

Leveraging internal marketing to your existing patient base is one of the most cost-efficient ways to keep patients coming back. Positive doctor-patient communication outside the office can serve as a reminder of your services, while making patients feel like an important part of your community. A simple monthly newsletter email is one of the easiest ways to implement this strategy. Your e-newsletter is a great medium for introducing current patients to new services, educating them on existing treatments, revealing monthly special offers, introducing new hires, and announcing other noteworthy events.

MyMedLeads allows you to easily create newsletters and offers advanced targeting options so you can send the most relevant content to segments of your patient base, increasing the likelihood of success. You can also set up Birthday emails that will be automatically delivered to patients on their special day.

Confirm Appointments

Missed appointments are one of the biggest revenue stealers for aesthetic practices. Confirming appointments in advance helps ensure patients actually make it back to your office for their scheduled appointments. Reminding people the day before their appointment not only saves your practice money, it also lets patients know that you respect their schedule as well. Even if this results in a last minute change, this is preferable to a no show. MyMedLeads offers an appointment reminder and confirmation system to help practices combat lost revenue due to missed appointments.

Investing in Recall for Long-Term Growth

The task of patient recall and retention often falls to the back-burner, yet it has the most potential to increase practice revenue. Investing in recall will help you start getting more return patients on the schedule and help your practice reach its full potential!

Stay tuned for the next, and final, post in our Sales Funnel Series – Advocacy.