How to convert more phone calls into patients.


Did you know that 20-30% of your potential new patients are lost on the initial phone call to your office? While you may have a great team of office staff members, they may however not be effectively trained to efficiently promote and sell your practice to the individual on the other end of the line.

The customer's first impression is key, and their initial opinion of your office is really a critical moment. The experience they have with the first representative they speak with will unconsciously shape their overall view of your establishment and how you run your business. This subconscious opinion can be a dangerous tipping point in whether they decide to keep calling around and potentially even choose another doctor.

The good news is that with a little training and enlightenment, your employees can become quite skilled at the art of closing a caller or lead into consultation, surgery or other commitment. Once a lead is received, this is when the competition really begins. There are several guidelines that should be followed to ensure that your practice takes swift and proficient action to capture each lead as it comes in.

1. Speed - Studies show that delayed response is lethal when it comes to capturing leads. The longer the time gap between when a lead comes in and when that lead is called, the lower the likelihood of that lead being converted into a patient. In fact, research shows that leads who are called within the first 10 minutes of being received are 70 times more likely to convert than those contacted an hour after being received. Even if the customer decides to shop around and call other practices, they will have formed an important and memorable bond with your business as the first to contact them and offer friendly customer service and useful information. Research shows that consumers are more apt to listen more attentively to the first caller, which can ultimately form a subconscious sense of loyalty that will drive the customer back to the vendor who first came to their aid.

2. Respectful Persistence - Just because a lead does not schedule immediately does not mean it cannot be converted. If a lead does not return your call, don′t hang up your hat just yet. Instead, follow up, again and again. Studies have shown that making a second phone call increased the chance of making a sale by 22%. Sticking with a quality lead in a way that is courteous and demonstrates genuine interest in helping meet the customer′s needs is a must for any practice wishing to significantly increase their conversions.

3. Nurture Email - A supplemental technique for cultivating and maintaining relationships with prospects is by staying in front of their eyes via drip email marketing campaigns. With the information you have collected on leads and their personal needs, you can design a set of email campaigns scheduled to go out over a designated period of time. Such ′nurture emails′ are most effective when implemented within the first month. The goal is to provide the prospect with additional information on what your business can do to meet their needs and generate further curiosity in what you have to offer them.

These are only a few of the tactics that your practice can implement to see an immediate increase in the conversion of leads to patients. There are actually a number of techniques your staff can employ to significantly improve closing ratios and enhance the quality of every patient interaction. To learn more about how you can prepare your office personnel to more effectively handle prospective patients, visit Cosmetic Image Marketing.

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