ROI Tracking and Lead Management for Dentists

ROI Tracking for DentistsMyMedLeads is a feature rich pre-patient sales workflow tool that streamlines the dental lead management process while increasing insight into the effectiveness of your marketing investments. Web-based and easy-to-use, MyMedLeads centralizes all of your prospective patient data, marketing campaigns, follow-up activity, ROI analytics and more in one web-based portal. High-level views of patient inquiries and practice activity allow you and your staff to quickly view reports that matter while delivering useful, actionable information straight to your dashboard.

Lead Management for DentistsDrive New Dental Patient Acquisition

MyMedLeads brings the dental patient acquisition and retention process into sharp focus by providing real-time visibility of leads as they are received via your advertising campaigns. Once an inquiry is captured, MyMedLeads goes to work, ensuring new leads are followed up with immediately and proactively engaged over time. Easy to understand sales funnel visualization gives you a quick snapshot of your patient pipeline along with actionable steps to move prospective patients to the next stage.

Get More Dental PatientsStreamline Workflow Processes

Improving the operational efficiency of your dental practice is at the core of our software. Optimized workflow and productivity are crucial to the success of any dental office. If your employees do not have the tools or infrastructure in place to perform daily tasks efficiently, then practice profitability suffers. MyMedLeads automates the majority of your staff's inefficient work such as manual data entry, email marketing, sending patient reminders and much more! MyMedLeads can even integrate directly with practice management software.

Track Dental MarketingOptimize Marketing Investments

While MyMedLeads is working to boost practice revenue, it concurrently works to save you money by eliminating low-performance marketing campaigns. MyMedLeads can track the effectiveness of each marketing program you invest in (both online and offline channels). The system generates multidimensional reports that reveal how each program is influencing revenue. With MyMedLeads, you can quickly and easily view marketing ROI without spending hours in excel or hiring a financial analyst.

Start Converting More Leads into Patients Today!

MyMedLeads FeaturesMost of our clients eliminate an average of 35% of unnecessary advertising expenses using MyMedLeads built-in ROI functions. Call (512) 301-9715 today to start converting more leads into paying patients!

What your dental practice gets with MyMedLeads
  • Call Tracking Software
  • Automatic Lead Capture
  • Lead Management Solutions
  • Automated Email Marketing
  • Marketing ROI Tracking and Reporting
  • Conversion Analytics for SEO & PPC
  • Email & SMS Appointment Reminders
  • Staff Performance Reports
  • Follow-up Automation
  • PM/EMR Software Integration

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"MyMedLeads is an indispensable tool for tracking our marketing and improving our lead to patient conversion."

Grant Stevens, M.D., F.A.C.S.