Eliminate Data Entry with Automatic Lead Capture

Our Instant Desktop Notification app makes capturing and entering lead details easier than ever. Your staff gets notified via a popup on their desktop moments before the phone rings in your office, or when an inquiry arrives via a form submission. This popup provides the identity of the caller, as well as the advertising source that sent them. Clicking on the notification automatically opens a pre-populated lead capture card in MyMedLeads, where you can add notes, procedure of interest or set reminders to call the person back.

Never Lose Another Lead Again

Your office employees already have a lot on their plate and lead information is often not recorded properly, or worse, leads get stuck in email inboxes or lost in your CRM. Automatic lead capture enables your staff to quickly and easily capture accurate data about new leads in real time. With our desktop app, manually entering leads or printing them from your Outlook to manage them is a thing of the past!

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"MyMedLeads is an indispensable tool for tracking our marketing and improving our lead to patient conversion."

Grant Stevens, M.D., F.A.C.S.