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Lead management software allows companies to merge sales and marketing processes to effectively capture, track, nurture and convert leads into paying customers. Lead management tools also allow companies to gather critical data and generate reports on essential factors like lead response time, conversion rates, ROI, and other performance activities.

When it comes to the plastic surgery industry, many offices try to utilize their practice management software to manage leads. However, most practice management systems are tailored around the management of patient relationships once they are scheduled for consultation.

When trying to manage prospective patients through practice management software alone, not only do opportunities slip through the cracks, marketing dollars are often wasted, as well.

A Typical Scenario for a Plastic Surgeon

You invest thousands of dollars per month in online marketing for your medical practice. You feel confident that you are diversifying your advertising budget by spending some money on pay per click, some on search engine rankings and a bit on social media. Then, the leads start rolling in… However, at the end of your quarter, you are not 100% sure which lead sources are converting and which are not. Entering leads into your practice management software manually and simply asking patients “how did you hear about us?” makes it very difficult to accurately quantify results.

Below are just a few missteps that practices encounter when handling leads in this fashion.

  1. Managing leads directly from Outlook – Your staff is busy, and they sometimes call leads directly from the email that comes into their inbox. The problem is that the data detailing the number of call attempts made is lost (statistics show that following up with leads more than once increases conversions rates). Dealing with leads this way also creates difficulty and confusion about which leads didn’t answer and need to be called again.
  2. Not all leads will be entered manually into your PM Software – Our data shows that as many as 28% of your leads may never even make it into your practice management system by your staff. Relying on manual data entry when staff are already overwhelmed with various administrative duties often leads to missed opportunities.
  3. No tracking in place – Even if the leads are manually typed in, it is difficult to know where the lead originated. Asking patients where they found you often leads to vague information such as “I found you on Google” or even worse, “I found you on the internet”.
  4. Missed marketing opportunities – If a lead is not entered into your practice management software, then your chances of marketing to that inquiry are lost. With all the money that your practice spends on PPC, SEO, social media and directory sites, you cannot afford to miss out on opportunities to nurture these leads into patients.

A Better Solution…

MyMedLeads is a lead management system that was built specifically around the needs of cash-based practices, such as plastic surgeons, ophthalmologists, medical spas, hair restoration clinics and laser centers. MyMedLeads removes the need for manually entering leads by integrating with your online forms and automatically capturing lead data.

What if the patient picks up the phone and calls you?

MyMedLeads also provides a call tracking feature that turns phone calls from your marketing into leads. What this means is that 100% of your leads are captured and tracked for conversion.

What’s better, MyMedLeads integrates with leading practice management software so that once a lead is ready to schedule, the click of a button sends them directly into your scheduling software. No additional manual data entry!

Aside from capturing all of your leads, MyMedLeads also:

  • Tracks response time of leads to ensure that your staff is responding quickly.
  • Initiates a sequence of emails, texts, and call prompts providing leads with information about their procedure of interest until they schedule a consult.
  • Reminds your staff to follow up with leads that have not yet converted.
  • Tracks ROI on each lead source so that you can eliminate marketing that doesn’t work and double down on the ads that do.

For more information about MyMedLeads features, visit our product page. Check out our partners page to see some of our integration partners.