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Capture, Track & Manage 100% of Leads

Our lead management software acts as a one-stop viewing center for all of your practice’s leads. The system automatically captures 100% of phone inquiries and web inquiries so that you can begin managing leads right away.

Why Lead Management Matters

On average, for every 9 inquiries that a practice receives, only 1 schedules a consultation. These low conversion rates stem from the fact that most medical offices do not have a clearly defined lead management process. Unlike many other industries, medical practices don’t have an entire team of sales reps focusing all of their time on turning marketing leads into customers. Furthermore, front desk staff members are not equipped with the tools they need to effectively manage the leads that their advertising does generate.

Our bottom line is to grow your medical practice by driving increased conversion. MyMedLeads makes it easy to visualize your practice sales funnel, including how many leads you currently have, which stage each one is in, and what steps you need to take to move them closer to becoming a patient. Our easy to implement lead nurturing tools ensure that your name stays in front of prospective patients through consistent engagement and communication.

Create Leads from form submissions

MyMedLeads integrates with virtually any website you advertise through to capture and track web form submissions.

Generate leads using caller ID data

MyMedLeads provides call tracking numbers and can automatically capture caller data along with the lead source that sent them.

Real-time arrival of leads

Both web and phone leads are delivered in real time, giving you the edge on connecting with prospects before your competitors.

reduce manual data entry

The system pre-populates data fields with details provided by the lead, including lead source, name, email, phone number, etc…

Easy Sales Funnel Visualization

Sales funnel visualization provides a snapshot of your patient pipeline along with actionable steps to move prospective patients to the next stage.


Automated Lead Nurturing

Create targeted lead nurturing campaigns that are automatically triggered based on the prospective patient’s interests.

Never Lose Another Lead Again

MyMedLeads provides a centralized hub for managing prospective patient data and organizing leads into defined categories. Using unique lead capture technology, MyMedLeads captures, records and logs incoming calls and automatically creates leads from web form submissions. The result is a high level view of where leads are coming from, how they’re being managed and which ones are converting into paying patients.

MyMedLeads can auto-capture leads from multiple sources, including:

✅ Sign-up forms
✅ Phone calls
✅ Referral sites
✅ Online directories
✅ Email campaigns
✅ Social media
✅ Landing Pages

As soon as leads are entered into the system, MyMedLeads makes it easy to manage the sales process from start to finish. The system automatically generates follow-up tasks and schedules a series of personalized emails to keep prospective patients engaged.

Close More Patients With Less Work

MyMedLeads brings the patient acquisition and retention process into sharp focus by providing real-time visibility of leads as they are received via your advertising campaigns. Once an inquiry is captured, MyMedLeads provides the tools and framework your staff needs to proactively follow up with and engage potential patients until they are ready to schedule.

The rich activity timeline lets you quickly access the most pertinent information and relevant insights about your leads so that you can personalize your follow-up. MyMedLeads automatically publishes emails, text messages, recorded calls, staff notes, reminders, appointments and more to each lead’s timeline. No more sifting through emails trying to find the information you need. MyMedLeads simplifies the entire lead-to-patient process, making it easy to revive cold leads and tailor your communications to new prospects.

Detailed Lead Activity History


Set reminders directly from a lead’s profile and assign to any user’s task list.

Completed Tasks

Quickly view completed tasks for a lead, along with the date, timestamp, and user.


See a lead’s initial interests and other opportunities gleaned from consultation.


View appointments currently scheduled or already completed by the patient.


Send emails without leaving MyMedLeads and view past email communications.

Text Messages

Send HIPAA-compliant SMS messages and view previous text messages.

Call Recordings

Listen to incoming and outgoing call recordings directly from your dashboard.

Lead Source

See which lead source of marketing campaign the lead originally found you on.

Automate Your Communications: Nurture Leads into Patients

No more writing the same emails or leaving the same messages over and over again. Save time and put your marketing and outreach on autopilot! MyMedLeads makes staying in touch with leads a simple and painless process. Use our drag-and-drop automation builder to visually assemble a sequence of communications that combine email, text messages, and phone call reminders.

Create drip marketing campaigns for as many services or treatments as you like. When a lead is captured, MyMedLeads automatically segments the prospect based on their needs and deploys the proper series of procedure-specific messages over time to nurture that lead. Automated campaigns ensure you stay in front of prospects in “research mode”, providing them with the targeted, valuable information they are looking for.