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MyMedLeads Pro is Coming SOON!

We are incredibly excited to announce the upcoming release of MyMedLeads Pro – our biggest update ever! The new and completely redesigned MyMedLeads features an entirely new user interface with loads of new features and functionality.

New & Improved Features

We are now mobile friendly

Improved responsive design allows users to work with MyMedLeads from any device.


Make online appointment scheduling fast and easy on your practice website.


Live chat tool and service ensure you never lose a lead from your website again.


New pricing model gives clients greater flexibility over how much they spend.

Easy to use email editor

Intuitive drag-and-drop email editor, plus new template marketplace.


Assign grades to leads in order to help prioritize follow-ups.


Identify the best opportunities and focus resources where they matter most.


Add your own custom fields and reports to choose exactly the data you need to see.


Advanced security and user permissions give you total control over your data.


Provide marketing agencies HIPAA-compliant access to your account.


Easily capture leads from whichever platform they find you on.


New lead lifecycle management settings make retargeting patients easier.

New Modular Pricing Plans

MyMedLeads Pro breaks our software down into separate modules that form one solution. Our new pricing plans are more flexible, allowing you to pay only for the modules that you use!

New Mobile Responsive Design

MyMedLeads Pro has been completely redesigned for optimal user experience on both mobile devices and desktops.

Improved User Interface

Enhanced Lead Details Page

The Lead Details page is at the center of many of your daily tasks. MyMedLeads Pro really focuses on ease of use and amplifying what you can do from this page. The addition of new features like Lead Grading and Opportunities will help your team identify and prioritize the right leads, ensuring the best ones don’t slip through the cracks.

The page also includes a number of new ways to add, store, and organize information about your leads. Data enrichment features like auto-tags and custom fields help you more easily classify, segment, filter, and search your database. The new Lead Details page makes it easy to apply these tags and custom fields to leads on the fly.


Simplified Email Editor & Template Marketplace

Our new email editor is much more intuitive and easier to use. Create your own emails from scratch or select one of our pre-designed templates from our new Template Marketplace. The Template Marketplace makes creating gorgeous, responsive emails a pain-free process. Simply pick a template, add your content, and you’re ready to go! Pro also allows you to download the HTML email, and use it virtually anywhere.

Convenient & Seamless

Online Scheduling

With MyMedLeads Pro comes the addition of online appointment scheduling. Fill your calendar automatically, even when your practice is closed! Since MyMedLeads can read directly out of your scheduling database, patients can see availability in real-time, allowing them to make real appointment bookings, not just requests.

By enabling patients to view provider availability on a calendar at their own convenience, front desk staff is freed up to focus on more patient-centered and revenue-driving tasks, instead of manning the phones. Online scheduling also increases patient satisfaction – when factoring in hold times, scheduling appointments over the phone takes eight minutes on average, and only one minute online.


Live Chat Tool & Service

You spend a lot of time and resources driving prospects to your website. Don’t let them leave without engaging them on a more personal level. The new live chat tool allows prospective patients to interact with a live agent trained to handle medical inquiries. Live chat requests on your website are securely routed to our agents trained to handle healthcare inquiries, where they will receive responses in line with your medical practice’s guidelines. MyMedLeads clients will also have the option of managing the chat software themselves during hours of operation, and handing it off to our agents after-hours,


Enhanced Security and User Permissions

Improving security and providing greater control over user access was a big part of revamping the latest version of our software. Role-based access allows administrators to restrict certain features and pages by permissions, ensuring only those who require access to certain data have it. For instance, your marketing manager likely does not need access to the same data that your patient coordinator does. MyMedLeads Pro makes it easy to add, edit, delete, and reactivate user permissions from your Settings dashboard.


Lead Lifecycle Management

MyMedLeads Pro provides greater control over the entire lead lifecycle, allowing leads to continue receiving relevant marketing emails even after they have converted. In the new system, when a new request comes in from an existing patient, MyMedLeads will restart them on the most relevant lead journey. The new lead lifecycle management settings also make retargeting patients easier, regardless of where they are in the sales funnel.


Lead Grading

MyMedLeads Pro allows you to assign grades to leads in order to help prioritize follow-ups. Lead grading involves assigning a letter grade to an individual lead based on how good of a fit they are for your practice and services (i.e. how likely they are to actually book a procedure). For example, some leads are only tire kickers searching for a deal. Many times, this information can be gleaned from the initial call with the lead. Assigning a lower grade to these types of leads can help inform other staff members on where they should be focusing their time and energy. Grades can be changed later on, as well. For example, the absence of any engagement for weeks may be an indicator that it is time to degrade a lead score.


Opportunity Tracking

The new Opportunity Tracking feature allows you to automatically create opportunities from all leads including RealSelf, PPC, SEO, and more to better understand the value of each lead. This feature is great for managing up-selling and cross-selling opportunities. It also allows you to forecast revenue, set a potential close date, and factor in a probability for the sale. With Opportunity Tracking, your team will be better equipped to use the data you’ve gathered to identify your most promising opportunities and prioritize those. These may be the highest revenue deals, deals that are closest to closing, or those with the most engaged prospects. However you use it, Opportunity Tracking can help you work more effectively and enhance your practice’s sales process.


Custom Fields and Reports

The new Custom Fields option lets you create custom settings for your MyMedLeads account to meet your practice requirements. Custom fields are great for mapping additional fields on your web forms and capturing more relevant information about your contacts. This in turn helps you better segment your database, providing more context about your leads and patients. This new level of customization in MML Pro also allows you to generate your own custom reports. Custom reporting is designed to show you only the information you want and need to work more efficiently.

Maximize Marketing Investment

Marketing Agency Access

MyMedLeadsPro allows you to give marketing agencies HIPAA-compliant access to your account. Providing your agency insight into which marketing efforts are yielding the strongest down-funnel results allows them to more effectively optimize your campaigns. Giving your marketing team a 360-degree customer view also allows them to identify new revenue opportunities, create powerful lead nurturing campaigns, set up patient retention programs, track ROI, and much more!


MyMedLeads Pro FAQ 

When will the product launch?

We will start deployment in December but migrations will begin in late January.

Will you offer training?

Yes! We will be offering weekly webinars and a series of videos to help train our teams. MyMedLeads Pro is very intuitive and offers much greater flexibility.

Will Pro cost more?

No, our pricing for Pro will remain the same for our existing clients. 

When can I switch over?

Because our new product is a total revamp of our legacy system, we must migrate data for you. We want to make certain that all of the features that you currently use are live before we migrate you. Once you move to Pro, you will not be able to move back. For this reason, our staff will contact you with an invitation to migrate. We will give you a tour of the new product via scheduled webinars and once you are ready, our migration will be scheduled. Migrations will occur during weekends when website traffic is slower so that we dont disrupt your work day. 

Will my data be moved from my old account to the new account?

Yes. We will move your data for you.

What if we do not want to migrate?

While the advantages of converting to MyMedLeads Pro are substantial, you might not want to move. You do have the option to stay on our legacy system.

For Inquiries About MyMedLeads

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