Lead Management and Call Tracking Solutions for Neurosurgery Practices

MyMedLeads offers proven lead management and call tracking technology for neurosurgery practices and spine specialists. As a neurosurgeon, there are a number of unique challenges that you face today when it comes to growing your practice. Between a busy clinical and surgical schedule, it can be difficult to find the time to focus on marketing your services and expanding your patient base.

MyMedLeads helps neurosurgeons refine their lead management process and takes the time commitment out of managing your marketing strategy. With a suite of powerful automation and streamlining tools, our web-based software is designed to:

  • Convert more prospects into neurosurgery patients
  • Modernize and accelerate front-office workflow
  • Automate marketing and improve patient relationships
  • Streamline and optimize your advertising budget

Drive New Neurosurgery Patient Acquisition

Most neurosurgeons would agree that attracting new patients is the lifeblood of their practice. The majority of neurosurgeons rely on patient and physician referrals to maintain and expand their practice. However, when greater competition is being combined with lower patient volumes, neurosurgeons quickly recognize the potent need for an effective marketing strategy and established lead management program. MyMedLeads provides all the tools you need to bring neurology patient acquisition and retention into sharp focus, including:

  • Automatic lead capture from any source
  • Automated follow-up lists
  • Staff text message alerts and email reminders
  • Automated email marketing
  • Easy sales funnel visualization
  • Call tracking technology

Automate Marketing and Streamline Workflow

Streamlining operational efficiency and improving your bottom line is at the core of our software. Improving the organizational workflow of your front office is crucial to patient satisfaction and ultimately the overall success of your neurosurgery practice. MyMedLeads puts the tools in place that your staff needs to be productive, efficient and effective. Some of our timesaving tools include:

  • Automation of a large majority of manual data entry tasks
  • Integration with EMR and Practice Management Software
  • Follow-up and marketing automation features
  • Optional scheduling tool
  • Electronic appointment reminder and confirmation system
  • Call tracking and recording technologies
  • Lead management solutions
  • Staff performance reports

Optimize Your Advertising Strategy

Managing marketing efforts for a busy neurosurgery practice can be a full-time effort, but with MyMedLeads, evaluating and refining your advertising efforts is as simple as logging into your Doctor Dashboard and viewing highly accurate ROI and conversion reports. Using advanced integration technology and call tracking features, MyMedLeads can track the source of every inquiry your practice receives. You can even use call tracking phone numbers to track ROI on your physician referral program. With advanced ROI reporting functions, you can:

  • Track leads and their sources from initial contact to revenue
  • See which lead sources are sending you the highest quality leads
  • Identify marketing campaigns that are producing the most revenue
  • Track which SEO and PPC keywords are sending the highest converting patients

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"MyMedLeads is an indispensable tool for tracking our marketing and improving our lead to patient conversion."

Grant Stevens, M.D., F.A.C.S.