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Nextech has Partnered with to Streamline Your Lead Generation Process

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) October 16, 2012

Nextech, the leader in specialty specific Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Practice Management, Billing, and Marketing software, has established a strategic alliance with, the first medical lead management tool of its kind. This partnership will provide Nextech software users an integrated solution allowing them to effectively manage and organize the leads and calls their advertising generates. This integration will combine’s lead management capabilities with Nextech’s industry leading marketing module and practice management software, allowing users to manage and maintain patient relationships, precisely track advertising ROI, and improve patient recall and retention.

Nextech is excited about the value that this strategic alliance will bring to our client base of over 7,000 providers. The main objective of the integration with MyMedLeads is to streamline the marketing efforts of each Nextech practice. Furthermore, this partnership will allow our practices to have more robust reporting and metrics especially as it relates to their online and traditional marketing, and improve the overall efficiency of their practice,” said Christina M. Majeed, M.S., Nextech Vice President Business Development, New Products, and Technologies.

MyMedLeads has relationships with over 200 lead sources commonly used by medical practices. These advertising channels can be seamlessly tracked using powerful ROI and call tracking technology. This new alliance will help Nextech users significantly reduce manual data entry, accurately determine where leads are coming from, and identify which lead sources are generating the highest ROI.

We are very pleased to be partnering with such a powerful system like Nextech,” said MyMedLeads CEO, Enrique Rangel. “We’re looking forward to providing Nextech customers with a completely streamlined and automated solution that tracks marketing while equipping staff members with the tools they need to close more prospective patients.

MyMedLeads Announces Integration, Providing Doctors' Offices with Enhanced Lead Tracking and Management Capabilities

AUSTIN, TX, May 18, 2013

MyMedLeads, a medical lead management software company, announced today that the tool will now integrate with is one of the leading patient and doctor referral sites that also provides a wealth of information on cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery and other elective procedures.

" has an outstanding reputation as a trusted referral network in the medical community and we're very excited to be partnering with them," said MyMedLeads CEO, Enrique Rangel. "This integration will support our shared mission of providing physicians with high quality leads that are more likely to convert to patients." currently has over 150,000 doctors listed in their online physician directory. The company's own medical advisory board provides the wealth of research and reference material available on the website, making a trusted source for educational material. This usually translates into highly qualified leads that are well informed and more likely to convert into a patient.

"We are excited to partner with Over our 15 years in business, we know the challenges practices face with managing various lead sources," said CEO, Glen Lubbert. "This partnership will provide doctors with the ability to attract new patients, track staff response time, conversion and provide real time ROI for all marketing efforts."

Once a lead is delivered to the doctor's office, MyMedLeads takes over to ensure staff members properly manage the lead to increase the likelihood of conversion. The software focuses on refining and optimizing the initial phase of getting leads to schedule a visit. Features like automated follow-up lists, call tracking, email marketing and text message reminders help streamline the pre-patient sales workflow process and ensure prospects are being consistently engaged.

MyMedLeads also provides robust tracking and reporting tools that show the effectiveness of individual marketing channels. "Doctors will now have a high-level view of their leads as they progress through the sales funnel," added Rangel, "Lead activity logs and staff performance reports make it easy to analyze how leads are being handled and what changes could be made to accelerate the conversion rate on these leads."

Touch MD and MyMedLeads Team Up to Offer Medical Practices the Ultimate Patient Conversion Solution

Austin, TX, May 27, 2013

Austin, TX, May 27, 2013 --( The need for a seamless, automated infrastructure to manage and convert patients has led many physicians to adopt powerful patient conversion systems such as MyMedLeads and TouchMD. This dynamic medical software duo provides doctors’ offices with everything they need to streamline the lead management process and enable a seamless patient conversion sales channel.

MyMedLeads is a web-based lead management tool that allows medical practices to capture and track marketing Return On Investment (ROI) on 100% of incoming leads. Featuring a powerful suite of timesaving and productivity-boosting tools, MyMedLeads focuses on refining and optimizing the initial phase of getting leads to schedule a visit. The system integrates with virtually any online lead source and provides call-tracking phone numbers to track offline advertising. Powerful ROI and staff performance reports give doctors a clear view of where improvements can be made and where future marketing dollars should be invested. MyMedLeads gives front office staff access to numerous tools that eliminate tedious data entry while automating the marketing process.

Once leads have been nurtured and converted into a consultation via MyMedLeads, the baton is then handed off to TouchMD. TouchMD utilizes interactive education software to provide patients with an engaging and informative experience when they visit the doctor. Easy to navigate touchscreens placed in consultation rooms allow patients to view topic driven educational information about the process or procedure they are interested in. This turns previously frustrating wait time into a productive experience, equipping patients with the information they need to communicate more effectively with their physician. Additionally, TouchMD software will collect and store consultation information in its database, allowing patients to review information later when they get home via a web portal. The result is a positive consultation experience, enhanced doctor/patient relationships and an increase in the number of closed consultations.

Together, Touch MD and MyMedLeads form a complete, start-to-finish patient conversion system that automates workflow while improving the patient experience.

MyMedLeads Software and PatientNOW Announce HL7 Integration

Austin, TX (PRWEB) February 21, 2012

MyMedLeads, a lead management tool for the medical industry has announced their strategic integration with PatientNOW, a leading provider of EMR technology and practice management software. This new partnership will offer medical practices a fully integrated solution to tracking their online and offline marketing (such as print, yellow pages, SEO or pay per click) and scheduling them directly into PatientNOW without having to manually enter patient information. This agreement means that users will now be able to marry the sophisticated ROI tracking technology and lead conversion tools of MyMedLeads with PatientNOW’s comprehensive and robust practice management capabilities.

Where office staff previously spent extra time transferring data captured by phone calls or form submissions to their practice management software, the integration will make scheduling from MyMedLeads into PatientNOW a simple, automated process. When practices rely on manual data entry alone, leads often get lost or mismanaged. MyMedLeads captures, manages and nurtures 100% of leads coming in via phone or form submissions. Once leads are ready to schedule, MyMedLeads incorporates with PatientNOW for seamless integration. This secure system meets the growing need of medical practices to unify and synchronize the tremendous amount of information healthcare firms generate.

We are pleased to welcome PatientNOW as a partner, given their strong reputation in the plastic surgery industry.” said Enrique Rangel, president and CEO of MyMedLeads. “More and more of our clients are requesting an integrated solution for tracking their marketing efforts and improving staff performance. With this integration, we aim to provide a comprehensive infrastructure for seamless workflow automation between these two powerful tools”.

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