Lead Management Strategies for Ob/Gyn Practices

ROI Tracking for DentistsMyMedLeads is an industry-leading marketing automation and lead management system for Obstetrics & Gynecology practices. Designed for ease-of-use, MyMedLeads offers unique features tailored specifically to your needs. Web-based and easy to use, our software simplifies and automates each phase of the lead management process, from first contact to appointment completion.

  • Track marketing performance
  • Boost staff productivity
  • Automate redundant tasks
  • Nurture leads automatically
  • Get more Ob/Gyn patients

Evaluate and Refine Your Advertising Strategy

Lead Management for GynecologistsRegardless of your field of practice, every medical specialist should reevaluate and refine their marketing strategy on a regular basis. MyMedLeads provides real-time, web-based reporting on all your marketing investments, and can track virtually any lead source, including your websites, online directories, social media, landing pages, PPC and SEO, radio spots, TV ads, print, billboards and much more.

Our software eliminates the need to constantly ask your patients how they heard about you. Seamless form integration and call tracking features allow MyMedLeads to capture leads from anywhere and automatically give credit to the marketing campaign that sent them. This data is then aggregated and compared to specified ad spend to produce highly accurate ROI reports. These straightforward analytics make it simple to identify your top performers and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

Automate and Streamline Your Lead Management Process

Get More Ob/Gyn PatientsMyMedLeads is designed to accelerate the lead to patient conversion process and provides your staff with all the tools they need to nurture and manage prospects. Once a lead comes in, your staff can view and track all prospect activity directly from our web-based portal. Easy-to-use marketing automation tools automatically segment prospects based on their needs and place them on relevant drip email campaigns. Automated email campaigns ensure you consistently stay in front of leads, providing them with the targeted, valuable information they are looking for. A number of other timesaving features like automated follow-up lists, electronic appointment reminders and practice management software integration free up your staff to focus on more important, patient-focused tasks.

Start Converting More Leads into Patients Today!

MyMedLeads FeaturesIf you’re looking to eliminate low-performance marketing campaigns from your ad budget and start seeing more Ob/Gyn patients each month, then MyMedLeads is for you! Most of our clients eliminate an average of 35% of unnecessary advertising expenses using MyMedLeads built-in ROI functions. Call (866) 858-6785 to get started!

What your Ob/Gyn practice gets with MyMedLeads
  • Call Tracking Software
  • Automatic Lead Capture
  • Lead Management Solutions
  • Automated Email Marketing
  • Marketing ROI Tracking and Reporting
  • Conversion Analytics for SEO & PPC
  • Email & SMS Appointment Reminders
  • Staff Performance Reports
  • Follow-up Automation
  • PM/EMR Software Integration

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"MyMedLeads is an indispensable tool for tracking our marketing and improving our lead to patient conversion."

Grant Stevens, M.D., F.A.C.S.