Is Your Ophthalmology Marketing Really Working?

Track ROI on Ophthalmology Marketing As an Ophthalmologist, you know that before any treatment is used in practice, it must first undergo a thorough review process. Why not hold your marketing to these same rigorous standards? Many Ophthalmologists do not test the efficacy of their advertising because they assume it is a time-intensive process. If you are still using outdated tools and methods for this, then you are correct…

Analyze Your Ads the Easy Way

MyMedLeads is a feature-rich lead management system that uses integrative technology to capture 100% of inquiries while tracking ROI on all of your marketing campaigns. While you’re busy running your Ophthalmology practice, MyMedLeads is making sure your advertising is doing its job by:

  • Tracking the origin of every call, form submission or referral to your practice
  • Reconciling lead conversion data to generate highly accurate ROI reports
  • Testing which lead sources are sending paying patients and not just leads

In addition to tracking the performance on your marketing, MyMedLeads provides a whole host of productivity-boosting tools that streamline your office, including:

  • Lead management solutions
  • Automated email marketing
  • Follow-up automation
  • SMS & Email Appointment reminders
  • Staff performance reports
  • Advanced call-tracking features
  • SEO & PPC keyword performance tracking
  • Integration with practice management software

If your patient conversion rates are not where you want them to be, then it’s time to put your marketing under a microscope. Call (512) 301-9715 to set up a free demo today, or head over to our features page to check out more MyMedLeads features and benefits.

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"MyMedLeads is an indispensable tool for tracking our marketing and improving our lead to patient conversion."

Grant Stevens, M.D., F.A.C.S.