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Every time the phone rings in your office, the person on the other end of the line is a potential prospect in need of your services. The majority of prospects that come from referrals will schedule a consultation. However, as communication technologies evolve and the number of marketing channels continues to expand, an increasing number of callers are finding you online or through some form of offline advertising.

Studies show that for every 14 people that call your office, only 1 actually schedules a consultation. So, what happens to the other 13? The biggest problem lies in your practice management software, which was developed to manage patients, not “leads” or “prospects”. Your staff members primarily use this tool to only record the names and contact info of those who schedule. MyMedLeads offers an effective solution to this issue by automatically capturing the other 13 and implementing compelling marketing strategies to convert them into paying patients.

MyMedLeads is designed to streamline and effectively enhance relationships between your practice and potential patients. This customized software offers a variety of tools that help your staff manage incoming leads, drastically increase your patient conversion rate and measure your ROI.

The system works as follows:

• First, we assign unique tracking phone numbers to each of your separate advertising vehicles.

• When a call is made to your office, our system uses caller ID to collect the individual’s name and phone number, which is automatically entered into our web-based tool. A recording of the call is also saved for your staff’s convenience.

• Upon speaking with the prospect and obtaining their email address along with information about what procedure they are interested in, staff members can easily enter this data into the system.

• With this personalized information, MyMedLeads handles the marketing for you. Our system will automatically send these undecided prospects a series of procedure-specific emails, carefully crafted to extend dialogue and invite interaction with your practice.

The end result will be dramatically improved lead conversion rates and increased revenue for your practice. Want to learn more? Visit our main website to learn more about MyMedLeads or call (866) 858-6785.

We invite you to view our 2-minute demo that will show you how you can increase your profitability without spending more on advertising.