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MyMedLeads Product Overview

Bring Together All the Tools Your Practice Needs for Success!

MyMedLeads is a unique, pre-patient sales workflow system designed to simplify and accelerate the lead management process while tracking the effectiveness of your marketing. Our software brings together all the tools medical practices need to:

  • Track ROI on all of their marketing investments
  • Convert more prospects into paying patients
  • Automate and streamline office workflow

Web-based and easy to set up, MyMedLeads is designed to simplify and accelerate each phase of the lead management process while evaluating the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Our software has everything you need to boost productivity and grow your practice.

Lead Management Software

At the heart of our software is our powerful lead management system. MyMedLeads was born out of the need for a better organizational process of managing leads in the medical industry. Our system reduces the points of failure inherent in the medical industry. These include:

  • Lengthy time gaps between receiving leads and contacting potential patients
  • Lack of a standardized organizational process for leads received via email
  • Insufficient time for consistent follow-up
  • Lack of a tool for keeping notes on leads as they move through the sales process
  • The incorrect use of practice management software as a lead management tool

Our lead management software acts as a one-stop viewing center for all of your practice's leads. The system automatically captures 100% of phone inquiries and web inquiries so that you can begin managing leads right away. MyMedLeads provides a suite of productivity tools to help staff automate the lead nurturing process and ensure prospects are always being engaged. Your practice sales funnel makes it easy to visualize how many leads you currently have, which stage each one is in, and what steps need to be taken to move them closer to becoming a patient.

Call Tracking Software

For the majority of medical practices, phone call tracking is the missing piece of the marketing conversion puzzle. Our call tracking software allows you to assign unique tracking phone numbers to your advertising campaigns so that all lead information is captured, regardless if it originated online or offline. Having a complete lead picture shows you exactly how patients are finding you and which marketing programs are your top performers. What you get with MyMedLeads call tracking software:

  • 10 free tracking phone numbers (with the option to purchase more)
  • The ability to capture offline conversion data, such as radio, TV and print ads
  • Automatic association of incoming phone calls with their marketing source
  • Easy capture and automatic input of caller ID data
  • High quality call recordings for quality assurance
  • Detailed call history including timestamps and call duration for each lead
  • Activity reports for staff response times, total outbound calls and conversion rates

Appointment Reminders

MyMedLeads automatic appointment reminder system dramatically reduces no-shows while eliminating phone tag. Missed appointments cost your practice thousands of dollars of revenue each year. Patients who do not show up for their appointments:

  • Disrupt the scheduling process
  • Impede the healthcare delivery system
  • Waste administrators' time on paperwork and rescheduling

One of the most common reasons for appointment no-shows is forgetfulness. Implementing an SMS & email appointment reminder system like MyMedLeads can reduce "no shows" by up to 80%. Our automated appointment reminders are 2-way so that patients can easily confirm their appointment via text or email.

Benefits of using an automated appointment reminder system:

  • Recover potential lost revenue
  • Increase the efficiency of care delivery
  • Streamline the patient scheduling process
  • Improve patient satisfaction and retention
  • Automate inefficient, time-intensive tasks
  • Increase appointment confirmation response rates

Email Marketing

MyMedLeads' automated email marketing software allows your practice to create customized content for prospective patients based on their needs and interests. Our website integration tools allow you to capture lead information and automatically begin sending the prospect personalized email campaigns. Leads are more likely to convert to patients when they are engaged with personal, timely information that is relevant to their specific interests.

MyMedLeads gives you the ability to create different email campaigns for as many services or procedures as you like. Targeting prospects with personal and relevant information about their specific interests translates into more opens, more clicks and higher conversion rates.

Procedure and service-specific email campaigns allow you to:

  • Customize when and at what time-intervals emails are to be delivered
  • Offer pertinent information that the individual is looking for
  • Establish yourself as an expert in your field of practice
  • Create a sense of trust and credibility that often translates offline
  • Provide special offers at times when the lead is most likely to convert

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"MyMedLeads is an indispensable tool for tracking our marketing and improving our lead to patient conversion. I personally recommend MyMedLeads to all medical practices that care about profitability."

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