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MyMedLeads adds automated features to your patientNOW software to help optimize staff efficiency, track marketing, improve patient conversion rates, boost retention and much more!

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MyMedLeads is a robust tool that plugs directly into patientNOW and adds an extensive collection of automation, tracking and marketing tools to your account. MyMedLeads captures leads from virtually any source, and automates the marketing and lead nurturing process until the prospect becomes a patient. Once a lead converts, the simple click of a button sends them directly into patientNOW to be scheduled for an appointment.

✅ Improve lead-to-patient conversion rates
✅ Grow your practice revenue
✅ Optimize your marketing budget
✅ Get more happy patient reviews
✅ Increase staff efficiency & effectiveness

Convert More Inquires into Paying Patients

Lead Management

Real-time arrival of leads in your sales funnel & complete history of interactions.

Marketing Automation

Nurture prospects with targeted campaigns & retain past patients with recall messages.

Reporting & Analytics

Highly accurate ROI reports make optimizing your marketing budget a breeze.

Seamless Integration

Schedule leads directly from MyMedLeads into patientNOW without duplicate data entry.

Appointment Reminders

Convenient text & voice appointment reminder and confirmation system available.

Call Tracking

Advanced call tracking features allow you to record calls and track follow-up history.

Patient Reviews

Automated review system helps you collect more online reviews from your satisfied patients.

Performance Reports

Staff productivity suite and performance reports turns your staff into sales superstars!

Enhance Your patientNOW Account!

The MyMedLeads and patientNOW partnership offers medical practices a fully integrated solution to tracking their online and offline marketing (such as print, yellow pages, SEO or pay per click) and scheduling them directly into PatientNOW without having to manually enter patient information. MyMedLeads can cut hours of work from your staff’s busy week by automating a lot of your work, including email marketing, patient recall, appointment reminders, online review management, and MUCH more!

Track Leads from Inception to Revenue

MyMedLeads auto-captures inquiries from web forms and call tracking phone numbers, showing you exactly which ads are producing real prospects. The system tracks leads all the way from inception to revenue, providing highly accurate ROI reports that make eliminating low performance ads and reallocating marketing dollars easier than ever.

Automate Lead Nurturing & Patient Engagement

MyMedLeads’s Communication Center automates the lead nurturing process, making it easy to build a variety of marketing campaigns, including procedure-specific marketing, recall campaigns, newsletters, Birthday messages and more. MyMedLeads’ automated tools keep your practice name in front of prospective patients without adding to your staff’s workload.

With MyMedLeads, the possibilities for creating engaging campaigns are as limitless as your imagination!

✅ Procedure-Specific Series – send relevant content that is targeted to the lead’s specific interests.
✅ Post-Consult Nurturing Campaign – maintain ‘top of mind’ awareness and provide further incentive for scheduling treatment.
✅ Recall Messaging – remind patients when they are due for their next treatment.
✅ Special Offers – send exclusive offers to all of your list, or segment by procedure, gender, etc..
✅ Birthday Messages – show patients you care about them with a simple message, or offer them an exclusive Birthday discount.
✅ Newsletters – send traditional newsletters to keep patients up-to-date on practice news, latest specials or treatments you offer.

Get More Patient Reviews!

MyMedLeads’s Patient Review Service uses integration with your patientNOW practice management software to send timely feedback requests to patients after consultations and surgeries. All your staff has to do is to check in patients as they usually do and we take care of the rest.

Start improving your online reputation on sites like RealSelf, Google and Yelp with a completely automated reputation management strategy.

Patient reviews captured through MyMedLeads will also be displayed on your own personal MyMedLeads profile page, which is indexed by search engines.

Seamless Scheduling into patientNOW

patientNOW’s partnership with MyMedLeads offers medical practices a fully integrated solution to tracking their online and offline marketing (such as print, yellow pages, SEO or pay per click) and scheduling them directly into patientNOW without having to manually enter patient information.

Where office staff previously spent extra time transferring data captured by phone calls or form submissions to their practice management software, this integration now makes scheduling from MyMedLeads into PatientNOW a simple, automated process. When practices rely on manual data entry alone, leads often get lost or mismanaged. MyMedLeads captures, manages and nurtures 100% of leads coming in via phone or form submissions.

Once leads are ready to schedule, MyMedLeads incorporates with patientNOW for seamless integration. This secure system meets the growing need of medical practices to unify and synchronize the tremendous amount of information healthcare firms generate.

“MyMedLeads is an indispensable tool for tracking our marketing and improving our lead to patient conversion. I personally recommend MyMedLeads to all medical practices that care about profitability.”

– Grant Stevens, M.D., F.A.C.S.

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