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MyMedLeads Benefits:

  • Convert more leads into scheduled patients
  • Capture 100% of calls and web leads
  • Syncs with Patient Now to eliminate data entry
  • Track advertising ROI accurately

Visualize Your New Patient Prospects

Manage Your Online Reputation

PatientNOW is an innovative healthcare technology company that creates practice management and EMR software for physicians such as plastic surgeons, dermatologists, medical spas and others. With PatientNOW, you can create, store, and search for crucial patient information electronically, replacing your existing paper files and placing many high-tech tools at your fingertips.

MyMedLeads is a patient relationship management tool used by medical practices to convert leads into patients. This tool helps office staff manage incoming 'leads' until the prospect is ready to schedule a consultation. MyMedLeads easily integrates with your website to help manage appointments and prevent no-shows.