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MyMedLeads Patient Review Service

How Does it Work?

1.) Select the review sites where you want to get more reviews (Yelp, Google, RealSelf, Healthgrades, Vitals, DoctorBase, etc...)

2.) Once you check a patient in, our software will automatically request feedback from your patients.

3.) Patients will write reviews on prominent sites that matter to your practice.

4.) Unhappy and disgruntled patients will be managed properly, so that you receive their feedback internally and can take action, BEFORE they post it online.

Managing Your Online Reputation with MyMedLeads

Cultivating a positive online reputation often requires a proactive approach. Making it as easy as possible for your satisfied patients to leave their comments and reviews is key to managing your presence on the web. If you do not have a system in place that facilitates this, then you’re missing out on a simple way to get a consistent stream of positive reviews.

MyMedLeads offers a Patient Review Service that sends an automated email after a patient’s appointment asking if they would recommend your practice. Patients that say Yes are redirected to a page that provides convenient links to your top online review sites, making it easy for your happy patients to write a public review. Individuals that say No are directed to a private form, where they can leave their comments. This feedback is captured internally and will be emailed directly to you. This provides you with valuable insight on ways that you can improve the patient experience, while allowing you to address the problem before the patient vents their frustrations online.

Most patients who are pleased with the service or treatment they received from a physician are gracious and willing to leave appreciative comments. The key is to remove the roadblocks and make it as effortless as possible for the patient, and MyMedLeads does just this!

The Importance of Online Patient Reviews

According to a Nielson report, 70% of consumers trust the recommendations from online reviews, making them the second-most trusted form of advertising. 72% of consumers said that they give the same degree of credence to online reviews that they do to personal recommendations.

According to study from Vitals:

  • 47% of individuals that looked up a physician online felt differently about the doctor after viewing their profile.
  • 76% of participants indicated that when it comes to determining a doctor’s qualifications to treat them, reviews from other patients were just as important as the doctor’s years of experience.
  • Nearly a quarter of participants said they would need to see at least 5 – 6 reviews or ratings to feel that they are a credible indicator about the doctor.

One thing is certain, more and more patients are going online to do their homework when they begin searching for a new doctor. In fact, it is likely that the majority of your new patients have already screened you online. For many healthcare providers, Internet reviews can be a source of great anxiety, and understandably so. One bad review can damage the reputation of an otherwise great doctor.

The problem is, because medical care is private and personal, most patients don’t bother to write reviews about their visit… unless they have had a negative experience, and then they are highly motivated to share it online. Therefore, physicians typically do not get enough online reviews to produce an accurate reflection of their ability or skill.

If you are interested in adding the Patient Review service to your MyMedLeads account, please call (866) 858-6785.

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