Lead Management and Tracking for Pediatricians

Pediatric CRM and Lead ManagementMyMedLeads is a lead management system that helps organize your pediatric office, minimize your staff’s workload and see more patients each month. Many pediatric offices simply do not have an effective lead management process in place. Often, much energy is devoted to generating high quality leads, but staff are either too busy or do not have the necessary infrastructure to convert these leads into patients.

Imagine what your revenue would look like if you could convert even just 30% more of your leads into paying patients per month. Implementing an effective lead management system will help you drastically increase your conversion rates while optimizing the efficiency of your practice.

For many pediatric clinics, there is no way of tying leads back to a specific marketing campaign. Therefore, most pediatricians have no way of measuring results and continue to blindly spend money on advertising without knowing if it’s working. MyMedLeads eliminates this by automatically computing ad performance data for you to reveal the effectiveness of each marketing campaign.

Refine Your Pediatrics Marketing and Sales Process

MyMedLeads is an all-in-one solution for pediatric clinics that want to:

  • Increase patient conversion rates
  • Streamline lead management processes
  • Optimize and reduce marketing investments
  • Automate tedious, time-consuming tasks
  • Simplify follow-up and lead nurturing
  • Automate marketing and sales
  • Increase confirmation response rates
  • Reduce appointment no-shows

Lead Management Solutions

Managing your leads successfully is crucial to maintaining a competitive edge over the competition. Our easy to use software provides a highly visual web portal for your staff to view new leads as they progress through your practice sales funnel. Automatic lead capture significantly reduces manual data entry and frees staff up to focus more on patient care.

Follow-up Automation

MyMedLeads offers a powerful suite of tools that focus on getting new leads from the initial inquiry stage to a scheduled appointment. The system automatically generates follow-up lists, making it easier for your staff to remember to make these calls, regardless of how busy your office is.

Lead Nurturing Tools

Automated email campaigns allow you to leverage powerful personalization features that enhance your relationship with potential patients. Our email marketing system lets you set up customized email campaigns for each of your services. When a lead is entered into the system, MyMedLeads automatically segments the prospect based on their needs and deploys a series of personalized emails over time to nurture that lead. These emails provide valuable, relevant content that speak directly to the individual’s needs while generating a sense of credibility and trust around your practice.

Call Tracking Software

Our lead management system includes powerful call tracking that enables you to measure ROI on offline and direct response ads such as radio, television and print. Knowing which campaigns are driving the most phone calls and patient conversions is essential when determining your media spend and marketing strategy. Call tracking can also log and record phone calls for later access. Having a comprehensive history of all interactions with a lead (both calls and emails) makes it easier to manage and convert prospective patients.

ROI and Staff Reporting

Advanced lead source tracking capabilities allow you to generate highly detailed ROI reports that show the impact of your advertising investments on your bottom line. Most pediatrician offices that attempt to track marketing do so through inefficient processes, such as asking parents how they found their practice. This often entails working in Excel for hours gathering, organizing and formatting data. Even after all this manual work, ROI calculations are often still incorrect due to human error and lack of tracking tools. MyMedLeads automatically captures leads and the lead source that sent them. This data is then consolidated with revenue and ad cost to produce quick, easy-to-understand ROI reports. MyMedLeads can also generate staff performance reports that show activity data for each rep, such as call volume, lead response times and conversion rates.

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"MyMedLeads is an indispensable tool for tracking our marketing and improving our lead to patient conversion."

Grant Stevens, M.D., F.A.C.S.