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A Lead Management Tool For Plastic Surgeons

MyMedLeads is a lead management system that focuses on tracking 100% of your leads and helping your staff convert them into patients. Our web based tool makes it easy for your staff to ensure that all leads are managed properly.

Track your Ad spending and Convert More Leads into Patients

MyMedLeads is a lead management system that focuses on tracking 100% of your leads and helping your staff convert them into patients. Our web based tool makes it easy for your staff to ensure that all leads are managed properly. Unlike practice management software that is primarily designed for managing existing patients, MyMedLeads is designed specifically for the “pre-patient” sales workflow process. Our lead management software brings patient acquisition into sharp focus with easy-to-understand sales funnel visualization and marketing automation.

Website Integration

Seamless integration with any website. All of your web forms from multiple sites will send leads to MyMedLeads for better tracking.

Capture 100% of Leads

Track phone and internet leads to reduce marketing expenses. ROI tracking lets you track PPC, traditional marketing, email campaigns, TV, etc..

Track Staff Performance

Track response time, follow up patterns, and record calls. Generate performance reports for conversion rates, response time, and more.

Increase Patient Reviews

We make it easy to request feedback at the right time. Get your happy patients to write reviews on sites like Yelp, Realself, and Google.

Automate Your Email Marketing

MyMedLeads makes staying in touch with leads a simple and painless process. You can create individual drip email campaigns for as many procedures or treatments as you like. These emails are pre-scheduled and automatically delivered to leads with the most relevant information (or offer) at the right time, significantly improving your conversion rates over the long term.

MyMedLeads also helps you stay connected to existing patients with newsletters, Birthday emails, and recall messages.

Reduce Marketing Costs

MyMedLeads makes it easy to monitor the dollar-value performance on all advertising campaigns in one location. Unlike most analytics programs that just display call volume or web traffic, MyMedLeads can track leads all the way from inception to revenue. Highly accurate ROI reports make eliminating low performance ads and reallocating marketing dollars easier than ever. The software can even track which SEO and PPC search terms are sending the highest converting patients.

Improve Staff Productivity

Your front desk staff is your first impression with callers, and their performance often determines whether or not a lead becomes a patient. MyMedLeads’ tools are designed to keep your staff aligned around best practices like responding to leads quickly and following up frequently. Performance driven features like call recording, response time tracking and automated follow-up lists help ensure your staff members are staying on top of the tasks that are crucial to growing your patient base.

Get More Online Reviews

As a plastic surgeon, your reputation is everything. Most of your potential patients are researching you online before they ever contact your office. Unfortunately, many times it is those who had a bad experience that are the most motivated to share it online. MyMedLeads helps ensure that you are represented fairly by removing roadblocks and encouraging your happy patients to leave their feedback on prominent physician review sites.

What MyMedLeads Clients Are Saying…

MyMedLeads is an indispensable tool for tracking our marketing and improving our lead to patient conversion. I personally recommend MyMedLeads to all medical practices that care about profitability.
Dr. Grant Stevens

Plastic Surgeon

We have been able to increase conversions from less than 10% to over 30% and it does not take a marketing genius to understand the effect on bottom line.
Dr. Stanley Poulos

Plastic Surgeon

We started using MyMedLeads in July with one of our two sales reps. I cannot express what a difference this has made. Our office was averaging about 90 monthly inquiries from the web of which 10 – 12 would become scheduled consults. The first month we scheduled 21 followed by 45 in August and 67 in September.
Dr. Thomas Narsete

Plastic Surgeon

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