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All the Tools You Need to Boost Profitability & Grow Your Practice!


MyMedLeads brings together all the tools you need to streamline your office workflow, optimize your marketing investments and convert more leads into paying patients.


Capture, record and log incoming calls and automatically create leads from web form submissions


Track ROI on specific marketing initiatives and identify your highest performing ad campaigns.


Create newsletters and multiple campaigns that can combine email, text and outbound phone calls.


Appointment reminder & confirmation system offering email, text and voice messaging.


Get more positive patient reviews on Google, Yelp or RealSelf and boost your online reputation.


MyMedLeads integrates with leading practice management tools for seamless scheduling.


The aesthetics community and other elective care practices were hit hard by COVID-19 shutdowns. While we’re not out of the woods yet, many states have given the green light to resume elective procedures.

Managing the reopening process while adjusting to our “new normal” may feel like a daunting task, but that’s where we can help. MyMedLeads is a profitability-focused, patient relationship tool that has all the features you need to get your practice back on track fast.

  • Full Lead Management Suite – Capture and centralize all lead details in one place. Make follow-up calls, send emails and texts, assign tasks, request reviews and more without ever leaving the MyMedLeads dashboard. Our live chat and online scheduling tools (available for select EMRs) also help you engage website visitors and generate more qualified leads.
  • Marketing Automation – Automate your marketing campaigns so you can move prospective patients further down the funnel. Build workflows that combine emails, text messages, and outbound call reminders to ensure your leads are always being engaged.
  • ROI Tracking – Ensuring you’re spending your marketing dollars wisely has never been more important. Since MyMedLeads uses call tracking and automatically captures leads from sources like Google ads, SEO, Facebook, Instagram, Realself, and more, you can generate reports showing exactly how much revenue each of your marketing channels is producing.

ROI & Reporting Tools

If you’re like most medical practices, one area that you likely struggle with in your business is marketing, tracking leads, measuring ROI, and everything in between. Yet, managing this aspect of your practice effectively is critical to your bottom line.

There is often a major disconnect between when a lead becomes a patient. MyMedLeads eliminates this gap by enabling practices to capture all the processes that take place in their marketing funnel – tracking leads from campaign source all the way to revenue. The result is highly accurate ROI reporting, campaign insights and staff performance indicators – all on one dashboard.

Did you know that 70% of marketing leads are wasted?

Research shows this is largely due to not responding fast enough to inquiries and lack of follow-up.

If the most important aspect of running a practice is new patient acquisition, why do so many potential patients slip through the cracks? The missing link – a good lead management system.

MyMedLeads is a lead management tool custom-designed for medical practices. It auto-captures leads from virtually any source, immediately alerts staff and tracks response time. The system generates follow-up lists and daily to-do items for reps, and sends automated email campaigns to leads that have not yet converted into patients.


MyMedLeads allows you to set up marketing workflows and for the most part, ‘set it and forget it‘. Our drag-and-drop campaign builder allows you to build out multiple workflows that combine email, text, and outbound phone calls. You can also easily connect with patients on their preferred devices via two-way texting

Need Help with Marketing Campaigns?

If your team runs lean and needs help getting off the ground with marketing campaigns, MyMedLeads offers managed services for practices that want our team to create optimized, ROI-driven workflows for your practice.

Get More Patient Reviews!

Online reviews are the modern day word-of-mouth marketing. Are you taking an active role in generating more online reviews? The MyMedLeads Patient Review Service provides your practice with a simple and unobtrusive way to collect feedback from your happiest patients. Get patients to write reviews on Google, Yelp, RealSelf and more!


of patients use reviews with some frequency when evaluating providers


of consumers aged 18-34 read online reviews to judge local businesses

Answers to Your Questions

What is MyMedLeads?

MyMedLeads is a tool that integrates with your website and directory sites to manage all of your leads from one place. With this tool you can keep track of your staff′s response time to call leads, real time ROI for all offline and online marketing efforts, track each staff members conversion rate, eliminate ″no shows″ and create automated email campaigns to convert prospects into new patients.

Why is response time to a prospect so important?

Studies show that calling an inquiry in 7 to 10 minutes is 72% more effective than waiting 30 minutes to convert a lead into a patient. Our system tracks the response time of every lead and there is always a direct correlation between speed and conversion rates.

What types of results are doctors getting with MML?

Fortunately for us, most practices are in such bad shape when it comes to lead management that when practices start using some of the most basic features we have to offer, the experience a 200% to 300% increase in conversion rates. Studies show that only 1 in 9 inquiries into your practice actually schedule a consultation. Our doctors do much better than that.

How will my leads get into the tool?

There are two ways: Internet leads show up automatically. Whether they came from your site or directory sites, the lead will show up with a time stamp and a lead source so that you can track the marketing source. Offline leads can be entered manually. Most practices do not have a system to capture each caller the way MyMedLeads offer. If a caller doesn′t schedule a consultation, MyMedLeads begins a nurturing cycle by sending marketing material to get them to schedule a consultation.

When will I expect to see my return from MML?

Typically in the first 30 days. The success of the tool depends on the adoption of your the medical practice. We have seen a high success rate when a physician is involved in the process and the staff learn and use the tool. This will have a drastic difference in your bottom line.

Does MML provide us with new prospects?

MyMedLeads is not a lead generation website but we do work with multiple sources for lead generation. If you feel that you would like to get more leads, let us know and we will point you to some of the leading referral sites.


Capture, Track & Manage 100% of Leads

MyMedLeads is designed to simplify and automate each phase of the lead management process while tracking the effectiveness of your marketing channels.

Capture 100% of Leads

Reduce data entry errors and save valuable time.

Begin Managing Prospects

Lead nurturing tools ensure you stay in front of prospective patients.

Track Lead Source ROI

Optimize your ad budget and simplify your marketing strategy.


“MyMedLeads is an indispensable tool for tracking our marketing and improving our lead to patient conversion. I personally recommend MyMedLeads to all medical practices that care about profitability.”

Grant Stevens, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Plastic Surgeon, Marina Plastic Surgery

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