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Visually Automate Your Marketing with Email, SMS and Call Reminders

Dramatically simplify and enhance campaign creation with drag-and-drop workflows and easy-to-use email designer.

Automated Marketing with Multiple Touch Points

MyMedLeads’ Communication Center allows you to create marketing campaigns and for the most part, ‘set it and forget it’. The tool allows you to build out multiple campaign series that can combine email, text and voice messages.

Automate Marketing Campaigns & Patient Communications

MyMedLeads brings together all the tools and resources you need to streamline your recurring communications as well as one-off messages. Create and automate custom campaigns using a combination of email, text, and voice for the ultimate level of relevant marketing. Increase patient engagement and drive higher conversions!

Message sequencing and scheduling is made easy with our simple drag-and-drop editor. Send a message to everyone or just a segment of people. With MyMedLeads’ built-in marketing automation, the possibilities for creating engaging campaigns are as limitless as your imagination.

Send procedure-specific, automated email campaigns to leads and get more opens, more clicks and higher conversion rates. You can also send regular newsletters and automatically deliver Birthday emails to patients. Easily set up campaigns that automatically contact patients when it’s time to schedule repeat treatments for procedures like Botox, Juvederm, lip injections and more.

Personalized Patient Journeys: Segment & Target with Precision

MyMedLeads is an integrated solution that brings together all of the tools you need to nurture, engage, and convert leads into patients. Our Marketing Automation Suite allows you to map your leads’ journey from prospect to loyal patient, delivering personalized experiences along each touchpoint.

Easily build marketing automation workflows that segment and group your leads and patients at each stage of your sales funnel. Target individuals by behavior, demographics, interests and more. Use these lists to nurture leads with relevant content and call-to-action emails that gently push prospective patients to move further down your funnel.

Two-Way Texting – Send Texts Directly to Patients’ Mobile Phones

Easily connect with patients on their preferred devices. Our two-way texting feature embraces the conversational nature of SMS, allowing staff to communicate with leads and patients in real-time.

All sent text messages and SMS replies are recorded in the history section of the Lead Details page, making it easy for staff to quickly reference previous conversations. Received texts are also converted to an email that notifies reps when a lead or patient replies.

Increase Revenue with Patient Retention & Recall Messages

Retaining a current patient is just as important as gaining a new one. In fact, research shows that keeping existing patients coming back is almost 10 times less expensive than attracting new ones. Thus, an effective patient recall system is one of the most important components to the overall success of your practice.

MyMedLeads’ communication center builds patient retention directly into your existing workflow by automatically monitoring recurring treatment dates for patients. Easily set up campaigns that automatically contact patients when it’s time to schedule repeat treatments for procedures like Botox, Juvederm, lip injections and more. Recall campaigns utilize automated calls, text messages and emails, helping you fill your schedule without adding to your staffs’ already busy workload.

Engage Patients with Newsletters, Birthday Emails, Special Offers & More!

MyMedLeads’ powerful Communication Center is great for both campaign sequences and one-time messages. Send regular newsletters to let your clients know about monthly special offers and other updates. Automatically deliver Birthday emails with meaningful messages and gift incentives. Improved targeting and segmentation allows you to deliver hyper-targeted content to select groups of your patient base. For instance, customizing your message to send to a list of all male Botox patients who have undergone treatment in the past 6 months will have a significantly higher engagement rate than the traditional batch and blast approach.

Interest-Based Campaigns for Increased Conversion Rates

In order to really engage potential patients, emails should be personalized, timely and targeted to their specific needs. MyMedLeads makes this easy by segmenting new leads based on their specified interests and automatically starting a lead nurturing campaign as soon as a new lead comes in. MyMedLeads’ email campaigns work in sync with your website, automatically sending the right content to leads based on their provided information.

MyMedLeads gives you the ability to create different email campaigns for as many services or procedures as you like. Targeting prospects with personal and relevant information about their specific interests translates into more opens, more clicks and higher conversion rates.

With procedure-specific, automated email campaigns, you can:

✅ Set emails to be delivered at pre-scheduled time intervals
✅ Offer the specific, valuable information each prospect is looking for
✅ Establish yourself as a knowledgeable resource in your field
✅ Engender a sense of trust that translates offline when the lead is ready to schedule
✅ Provide the most relevant offer at the right time to increase likelihood of conversion