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What MyMedLeads Clients Are Saying

MyMedLeads is an indispensable tool for tracking our marketing and improving our lead to patient conversion. I personally recommend MyMedLeads to all medical practices that care about profitability.
Dr. Grant Stevens

Plastic Surgeon

We have been able to increase conversions from less than 10% to over 30% and it does not take a marketing genius to understand the effect on bottom line.
Dr. Stanley Poulos

Plastic Surgeon

I would recommend MML without reservations. It has given us the ability to be leaner, more efficient and given us access to tools that we didn’t even know were available to a plastic surgery practice. As a digital marketing manager it will allow you to monitor every source of advertising, every person who answers the phone, Google reviews and even the efficacy of your physicians and patient care coordinators. The unknown bonus for us was that when Covid hit and we had to close our doors and turn off the lights MML tools helped us adapt to telemedicine, facilitated telephone porting and to easily morph many of our employees from office based to remote workers that we could supervise. The difficulties of CoVid closure would have been devastating without MML. Thanks to MML we were able to make significant online sales while our facilities were closed, once reopened we opened to a booked schedule and have been fully booked since. I would not want to be in business with out MML, it would be like driving a car with a blind on.

Mark Salisbury

Administrator, Personique Surgery Centers

We started using MyMedLeads in July with one of our two sales reps. I cannot express what a difference this has made. Our office was averaging about 90 monthly inquiries from the web of which 10 – 12 would become scheduled consults. The first month we scheduled 21 followed by 45 in August and 67 in September.
Dr. Thomas Narsete

Plastic Surgeon

I looked into a lot of CRM programs like SolutionReach, DemandForce, and InfusionSoft. We either had HIPAA issues or I didn’t like certain features or how they worked with Nextech. Sales members for those companies were not as knowledgeable about Nextech integration as Enrique and the team. Another big difference was that MyMedLeads was much more flexible and if there was something specific we needed, they would work to find a way to make it happen where other companies didn’t provide options outside of the box. And the price for all the features available is very fair.
Jenny Yergensen

Marketing Manager at Utah Facial Plastics

MyMedLeads has really helped us during the COVID-19 pandemic. We needed to quickly and efficiently communicate with our patients while we were changing office protocols then once we decided to close, we were faced with the daunting challenge of rescheduling 2100 appointments. The text & email feature gave us more flexibility in reaching these patients easily. We also found that the text feature allowed us to communicate with members of our staff that have been staying home during the crisis. Using MML as one of our primary communication tools has been a game changer for us!

Helen Cionni

Practice Manager, The Eye Institute of Utah

MyMedLeads is the most complete software solution I have seen for helping plastic surgeons convert leads into patients while simultaneously tracking the effectiveness of each advertising source.
David Dean

Industry Consultant

MyMedLeads has allowed us to consolidate lead evaluation and lead follow up in a way that we have not had before. It allows us to not only look at our generic leads that we generate directly from our website but also those that are generated through web advertising.
Dr. David Sneed

Cosmetic Dermatologist

Keeping in touch with inquiries to our practice is so easy with MyMedLeads.com, and we love that we’ve been able to customize it to our exact needs.

Business Manager at Dr Young Forever

“Prior to implementing both softwares together (MyMedLeads & Nextech), I would say our staff was making about 50 outgoing calls a day. That number has now jumped up to 160 calls a day, and more calls translates directly into improved patient care and increased revenue.”
Dr. Vivek Bansal

Plastic Surgeon