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Automated Appointment Reminder and Confirmation System

Send appointment reminder calls, text messages, and emails automatically. Patients can easily confirm appointments instantly from their mobile devices.

Automated Email, Text & Voice Appointment Reminders

MyMedLeads’ appointment reminder and confirmation system makes appointment management quick and convenient for both patients and your practice. Staff can easily see in their MyMedLeads’ dashboard who has and hasn’t confirmed their appointment yet.

Save Staffs’ Valuable Time While Increasing Patient Satisfaction

In addition to traditional email appointment reminders, MyMedLeads offers text and voice appointment messaging as well. MyMedLeads’ appointment reminder and confirmation system not only saves your staff an immense amount of time, it’s also a great way to increase patient satisfaction!

It should come as no surprise that busy patients want access to tools that make appointment management quick and convenient. Receiving appointment reminders via their mobile devices is less intrusive and makes confirmation fast and easy. Staff can easily see in their MyMedLeads’ dashboard who has and hasn’t confirmed their appointment yet.

Reduce “No Shows”

Automatic appointment reminders are the most efficient way to reduce “no-shows” and free up your staff for more important tasks. A missed appointment may seem trivial at the time, but the reality is that no-shows cost medical practices thousands of dollars each year.

In addition to being silent revenue stealers, missed appointments can deprive other patients of necessary care. Then, there are the additional labor costs of rescheduling and managing paperwork involved with missed appointments. Physicians simply cannot afford to ignore something that significantly impacts their profits and monopolizes their staffs′ important time.

Customize your Reminder Messages

Your reminder message templates utilize dynamic fields that pull information directly from your account and the patient’s appointment. You can customize your text and choose all or just a few of the dynamic fields. Appointment reminders and confirmation requests are automatically sent to patients before their upcoming appointment. When these messages are deployed is based on the specifications you set up for your specific practice. MyMedLeads appointment reminders allow patients to easily add the appointment to their online calendar. These messages also include a convenient map to your office to help patients make it to their appointments on time.

Automated SMS Reminders

Save Money

Recoup potential lost revenue

Improve Service

Increase the efficiency of care delivery

Decrease Costs

Simplify scheduling and office workflow

Help Patients

Increase patient satisfaction and retention

Save Time

Automate repetitive, time consuming tasks

Get Results

Increase response rates & reduce no-shows