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MyMedLeads Helps You Get More Patients

MyMedLeads reduces the points of failure inherent in the medical industry’s sales process, including not calling leads fast enough, insufficient follow-up and the absence of critical tools that track all the right information about your leads. 

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Grow Your Practice with MyMedLeads

MyMedLeads brings together all the tools you need to streamline your office workflow, optimize your marketing investments and convert more leads into paying patients. Web-based and easy to set up, MyMedLeads is a medical lead management system designed to simplify and automate each phase of the lead management process while tracking the effectiveness of your marketing channels.

MyMedLeads is an all-in-one solution for practices that want to:

✅ Increase patient conversion rates
✅ Streamline lead management processes
✅ Optimize and reduce marketing investments
✅ Automate tedious, time-consuming tasks
✅ Simplify follow-up and lead nurturing
✅ Automate marketing and sales
✅ Increase confirmation response rates
✅ Reduce appointment no-shows
✅ Get more patient reviews

Our bottom line is to grow your medical practice by driving increased conversion. MyMedLeads makes it easy to visualize your practice sales funnel, including how many leads you currently have, which stage each one is in, and what steps you need to take to move them closer to becoming a patient. Our easy to implement lead nurturing tools ensure that your name stays in front of prospective patients through consistent engagement and communication.

Lead Management System: Capture 100% of Leads

Reduce Data Entry Errors, Save Valuable Time, and Centralize Practice Inquiries into One Convenient Web Portal

Seamless Integration with Any Website

MyMedLeads uses advanced tracking technology and API integration to connect with web forms on your practice website, online directories, referral sites, social media, chat and virtually any other online channel you advertise through. When a user fills out a form, the data is sent directly to our system and leads show up automatically in MyMedLeads with a corresponding timestamp, the lead source they were sent from and additional information such as procedure of interest and comments.

Assign Call Tracking Numbers to Offline Ads

For traditional advertising such as print, TV, radio and billboards, MyMedLeads provides unique phone call tracking numbers that can be assigned to each lead source. When a call comes in through a call tracking number, your staff is notified via our desktop app, which automatically converts the caller information into a lead to be managed in the system.

✅ Auto-capture and convert form submissions into leads
✅ Generate new leads using caller ID data
✅ Dramatically reduce manual data entry
✅ Real-time arrival of leads in your sales funnel
✅ View a complete history of interactions for every lead
✅ Follow-up tasks are automatically generated for each lead
✅ Easily set reminders, reassign the lead & create opportunities
✅ Send leads directly to your practice management software for scheduling

Marketing Automation: Target Leads with Precision

Segment Audiences & Build Out Multiple Campaign Series That Can Combine Email, Text, Voice, & Call Reminders

Convert More Leads with Personalized Campaigns

MyMedLeads automated campaign marketing software allows your practice to create customized content for prospective patients based on their needs and interests. Our website integration tools allow you to capture lead information and automatically begin sending the prospect personalized campaigns.

Hyper-Target Your Audience for Higher Engagement

MyMedLeads allows you to choose specific demographics before sending out a marketing message. Our campaign builder makes it easy to visualize the Patient Journey and build a sequence of automated actions that are triggered as your prospects progress from tile to tile. Assemble a variety of campaign workflows, from simple outbound email campaigns to more sophisticated communications that include a combination of email, texts, voice messages, and outbound call reminders.

With MyMedLeads Communication Center, you can:

✅ Customize when and at what time-intervals messages are to be delivered
✅ Provide special offers at times when the lead is most likely to convert
✅ Hyper-target messages to a distinct subset of your leads or patients
✅ Create procedure & interest-based campaigns for higher conversion rates
✅ Automate your pre/post-consult & pre/post-op communications to patients
✅ Improve recall with reminder emails when it’s time for their next treatment
✅ Send newsletters to let clients know about special offers, events & more
✅ Auto-deliver birthday emails with meaningful messages and gift incentives

Appointment Reminder and Confirmation System

Automatically send reminders and maps via text or email. Two-way messaging allows for easy patient confirmation.

Eliminate No Shows – Save Your Practice Time & Money

MyMedLeads automatic appointment reminder system dramatically reduces no-shows while eliminating phone tag. Missed appointments cost your practice thousands of dollars of revenue each year.

Patients who do not show up for their appointments:

✅ Disrupt the scheduling process
✅ Impede the healthcare delivery system
✅ Waste administrators’ time on paperwork and rescheduling

Increase Response Rates with Convenient SMS and Email Confirmation

One of the most common reasons for appointment no-shows is forgetfulness. Implementing an SMS & email appointment reminder system like MyMedLeads can reduce “no shows” by up to 80%. Our automated appointment reminders are 2-way so that patients can easily confirm their appointment via text or email. Staff can quickly and easily check their MyMedLeads’ Patient Confirmation dashboard to see who has and hasn’t confirmed their upcoming appointments.

Benefits of using an automated appointment reminder system:

✅ Recover potential lost revenue
✅ Increase the efficiency of care delivery
✅ Streamline the patient scheduling process
✅ Improve patient satisfaction and retention
✅ Automate inefficient, time-intensive tasks
✅ Increase appointment confirmation response rates

Patient Review Service: Improve Your Online Reputation

Get More Online Reviews from Your Happy Patients

Automate the Patient Review Process

MyMedLeads’ Patient Review Service allows doctors and practices to capture more positive reviews across the web from their satisfied patients. MyMedLeads uses integration with your practice management software to send timely feedback requests to patients after consultations and procedures. Once your staff checks a patient in for their appointment, MyMedLeads adds them to your feedback schedule.

Send Review Requests at Exactly the Right Time

MyMedLeads allows you to get granular with your reputation management strategy, customizing the process to send requests at the most ideal time. For medical practices that offer a wide variety of treatments (such as cosmetic practices), recovery times can vary wildly. Our platform enables you to set up when review requests go out based on the type of procedure the patient had. For instance, treatments with a relatively short recovery time, such as Botox, can have review requests scheduled to send 1 week after treatment. Whereas more invasive procedures, such as a tummy tuck, can be scheduled to deploy 1 month after surgery. Segmenting your review requests in this manner ensures timing and relevancy are on par, increasing patient response rates.

MyMedLeads not only helps you get more patient reviews on prominent review sites, we also syndicate those reviews to your own personal MyMedLeads review page, which shows up in Google search results when potential patients search for your name.

Start improving your online reputation on sites like RealSelf, Google and Yelp today! Contact MyMedLeads now to get set up with a completely automated reputation management strategy.

Live Chat Tool and 24/7 Monitoring

Generate More Leads from Your Website and Create a Better Online Experience for Patients

Convert More Web Visitors into Prospects and Boost Engagement on your Practice Website!

Add the MyMedLeads chat widget to your website and start engaging prospective patients immediately! Our online chat tool connects your website visitors to a live agent trained to handle medical inquiries and provide responses in line with your practice’s guidelines. Chat agents are available 24/7 to engage with your site visitors in English or Spanish. You also have the option to manage live chat conversations yourself during normal business hours.

Live chat is a great way to personalize online visitors’ experience and encourage them to take action before leaving your site. Today’s consumer is looking for convenience and promptness. Live chat increases customer satisfaction by providing immediate connection with a representative who can resolve their queries in real-time. It is a time-saving tool for both your staff and the prospective patient alike.

Contact information captured from live chat leads will funnel directly into your MyMedLeads CRM for staff to begin managing right away. Our chat agents can also field leads via Facebook Messenger integration to help boost your overall marketing ROI.