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Track ROI On Your Advertising

ROI reporting makes evaluating the effectiveness of your advertising budget a simple and straightforward process. Our doctors eliminate an average of 35% of their marketing expenses using these reports.

Optimize Your Ad Budget & Simplify Your Marketing Strategy

When you’re pre-occupied with running a busy medical practice, it can be really difficult to slow down to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing programs. Additionally, tracking ROI can be a difficult feat, especially if you rely on patients telling you how they found your practice. This often results in inaccurate or vague information.

MyMedLeads takes the hassle and human error out of tracking marketing performance with advanced ROI tracking technology. Our system seamlessly integrates with online marketing channels and uses unique call tracking numbers for offline ads.

MyMedLeads provides real-time, web-based reporting on all your marketing investments, and can track virtually any lead source, including:

✅Online directories
✅Web Forms
✅PPC Campaigns
✅Organic search results
✅Social Media

✅Email Campaigns
✅TV commercials
✅Print ads
✅Radio spots
✅Direct mail

See which ads Generate the most leads

Get a clear picture of where your leads are coming from, and more importantly, which of those leads are converting.

Identify ROI on specific lead sources

See ROI for each of your individual marketing investments and turn these tools into a revenue-producing system.

Trim the fat from your Ad budget

Eliminate low performing marketing and reallocate your ad dollars to maximize the performance of your marketing budget.

Track SEO & PPC keyword conversions

Optimize your search campaigns by tracking leads from keyword to revenue & see which are producing paying patients.

Keep Your Marketing Message On Point

Measure the impact of each campaign and shift your focus to messages that are driving higher response and conversions.


Automated ROI tracking takes labor-intensive tasks off your staffs’ plate so they can focus more on patient care.

Analytics-Driven Marketing with Highly Accurate ROI Reports

Our system seamlessly integrates with websites, online directories, web forms, Adwords campaigns, social media and any other online channel you use. For offline ads such as radio, print, television or billboards, MyMedLeads provides unique phone tracking numbers that can be assigned to each offline campaign.

MyMedLeads tracks where each lead comes from and the revenue that resulted. This data is then aggregated and compared against each ads’ specified marketing cost. Our sophisticated reporting tools can then generate a series of customizable and in-depth ROI reports to show how your marketing initiatives are paying off.

MyMedLeads digs deeper than most lead management systems and provides your practice with unparalleled conversion reporting, it can even identify which search terms produced the highest patient conversions. These detailed ROI calculations make it simple and straightforward to evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising.

Measure ROI with Call Tracking

Your MyMedLeads account comes with 10 free call tracking phone numbers to assign to whichever lead sources you choose, with the option to purchase more. These are great for tracking ROI on your offline marketing.

The system can pick up incoming phone calls via tracking number before the phone even rings in your office. MyMedLeads displays a desktop notification to alert your staff moments before the call comes in. This popup provides your staff with valuable, contextual data about the lead, including the marketing campaign that they found your practice through.

This bit of background information about the lead can help staff better tailor the call to the specific needs or interests of the caller. MyMedLeads will track this lead from inception to procedure completion, providing straightforward data on the performance of the ad associated with your call tracking number.

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