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Live Chat Tool and Service

Get more leads and boost engagement on your website!

Welcome to MyMedLeads Live Chat 

MyMedLeads is excited to offer our new live chat tool, which connects your site visitors to a live agent trained to handle medical inquiries. Website visitors are prospective patients looking for answers to their questions. Live chat allows you to personalize their experience while preventing them from leaving and potentially choosing another doctor.


Generate more leads on your site without creating additional work for your staff.


Create a superb customer service experience for your online prospects.


Boost conversions from your website and get a better ROI on your online efforts.


Chat agents are available 24/7 so that you can engage with prospects after hours.


Our chat service can field leads on your Facebook page via FB Messenger integration.


Our agents are trained to handle healthcare inquiries and respond appropriately.


Both English and Spanish languages are available for your website visitors.


Contact information captured from web leads will funnel into your MyMedLeads CRM.

How It All Works


Our team will customize the chat widget design to match the look and feel of your website. We will also work with you to create chat responses for our agents to use, so that all messaging stays in line with your medical practice’s guidelines.

Quick Setup

Adding the MyMedLeads chat widget to your website takes only a few minutes and is as simple as pasting a couple lines of code into your site. No configuration is required on your end. Once the code is added, you’re ready to go!

Get New Leads

Once the chat tool is live, our agents will begin engaging your website visitors and sending qualified leads into your MyMedLeads sales funnel. As a MyMedLeads client, you only pay a one-time $300 setup fee, and then $20 per qualified lead after that. Our chat tool is also available for non MyMedLeads users. Users also have the option of managing live chat conversations themselves during normal working hours.

“Excellent customer service, thorough prospect engagement, and timely transcripts!”

Angela D.

“The team at MyMedLeads are great! Easy setup and a great price. A no brainer for someone looking to set up an easy chat feature for their website!”

Jesse C.

“I appreciate the knowledgeable people who answer the chats; the prospects seem satisfied. Also, it is great that I only pay for actual “sales” leads .. and they do a fine job of distinguishing leads from general inquiries.”

Douglas K.