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About Us

MyMedLeads.com. Since 2009.

Our History

MyMedLeads.com is a fully customized and unique Patient Relationship Tool for the medical industry. But what does that mean? After 9 years in the lead generation business, we saw a gap in the lead management processes found in most medical offices. That gap is in the converting of a potential patient into an actual patient. While doctors spend an average of $50,000/year in online advertising, their staff does not have the tools for effectively managing and organizing the leads that advertising generates.

Many offices have practice management software, but that is only used to manage patient relationships once they are scheduled for consultation. After interviewing over 400 patient coordinators, surveying another 1200 doctor’s offices and meeting with around 200 physicians, MyMedLeads.com was born.

We help doctor’s accomplish the following business goals:

  • Patient retention
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Increase sales

We invite you to discover the Patient Relationship Tool designed specifically for the medical industry – MyMedLeads..com. Then watch your business grow!