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Become a MyMedLeads Partner

Let’s help each other and grow together! MyMedLeads has partnerships with hundreds of platforms and services commonly used by medical practices. Whether you’re interested in becoming a referral partner or integration partner, MyMedLeads is committed to the success of you and your clients.

Become a MyMedLeads Ambassador

If you’ve ever wanted to recommend MyMedLeads to a friend or client who could use a more organized sales process in their practice, then our Referral Program is for you! You’ll earn a commission for all sales generated and demos completed through your affiliate link. There is no cost to sign up and no limit on referral awards. Earn $300 for each referral that signs up with MyMedLeads and $25 for each qualified referral that completes a demo

Integrate with MyMedLeads

Do you have a marketing agency, EMR/PM software, or other service that you think would make a welcome addition to MyMedLeads? Let us know, and our development team can work with you to create a seamless connection between our platform and yours.

Our integration partners help improve the flow of data for shared clients. This allows practices to save time, eliminate duplicate data entry, automate core processes, reduce errors, and much more. Ready to grow together? Let’s get in sync!

MyMedLeads is an indispensable tool for tracking our marketing and improving our lead to patient conversion. I personally recommend MyMedLeads to all medical practices that care about profitability.

– Dr. Grant Stevens

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