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MyMedLeads provides Symplast users with full transparency into their marketing, lead management and patient retention processes. By utilizing our integrated tools, Symplast practices can decrease their workload by automating manual processes, including sending marketing emails, text messages, follow-up reminders, patient review requests and much more.

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MyMedLeads integrates directly with your Symplast software to capture, track and convert more of your leads into paying patients. Centralize all of your prospective patient data, marketing campaigns, follow-up activity, ROI analytics and more in one web-based portal. Schedule leads into Symplast with the click of a button!

✅ Boost your lead-to-patient conversion rates
✅ Increase practice revenue
✅ Reduce marketing expenses
✅ Get more positive online reviews
✅ Increase staff productivity

Convert More Inquires into Paying Patients

Lead Management

Real-time arrival of leads in your sales funnel & complete history of interactions.

Marketing Automation

Nurture prospects with targeted campaigns & retain past patients with recall messages.

Reporting & Analytics

Highly accurate ROI reports make optimizing your marketing budget a breeze.

Seamless Integration

Schedule leads directly from MyMedLeads into Symplast without duplicate data entry.

Appointment Reminders

Convenient text & voice appointment reminder and confirmation system available.

Call Tracking

Advanced call tracking features allow you to record calls and track follow-up history.

Patient Reviews

Automated review system helps you collect more online reviews from your satisfied patients.

Performance Reports

Staff productivity suite and performance reports turns your staff into sales superstars!

Supercharge Your Symplast Account!

MyMedLeads integrates directly with your Symplast account, providing a centralized hub for managing both prospective and current patients. Our web-based software auto-captures leads from virtually any source, giving practices a one-stop viewing center for all of their prospective patient data. The software comes pre-loaded with a number of sales tools and actionable steps designed to help your team transform qualified leads into paying patients.

Track 100% of Your Marketing & Referrals 

MyMedLeads auto-captures inquiries from web forms and call tracking phone numbers, showing you exactly which ads are producing real prospects. The system tracks leads all the way from inception to revenue, providing highly accurate ROI reports that make eliminating low performance ads and reallocating marketing dollars easier than ever.

Engage Patients & Grow Your Practice

Not every lead becomes a patient right away. MyMedLeads makes staying in front of potential patients a simple and automated process. Our easy-to-use Communication Center allows you to create marketing workflows that include email, texts and outbound call reminders. Convert leads and retain current patients with: 

✅ Lead nurturing workflows

✅ Automated recall messages

✅ Newsletters & special offers

✅ Birthday messages

✅ and much more!

Get More Patient Reviews!

MyMedLeads’ Patient Review Service makes getting more positive reviews a seamless process! All your staff has to do is check patients into your Symplast practice management software, and we do the rest! Start improving your online reputation on sites like Google, Realself and Yelp with a completely automated reputation management strategy.

Seamless Scheduling into Symplast

MyMedLeads integrates seamlessly with Symplast’s practice management system, so that when a lead is ready to become a patient, the click of a button automatically sends them directly into your practice management system to be scheduled for an appointment. This dramatically reduces manual data entry, creating a secure infrastructure for workflow automation. This integration bridges the knowledge gap that often exists between when a lead becomes a patient. This common disconnect leaves many aesthetic practices in the dark on where their patients are coming from, how their ad campaigns are performing, and where they should invest their future marketing dollars. The MyMedLeads / Symplast integration eliminates this disconnect by enabling practices to capture all the processes that take place in their marketing funnel – tracking leads from campaign source all the way to revenue. The result is highly accurate ROI reporting, campaign insights and staff performance indicators – all on one dashboard.

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