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Text Messaging FAQ

Your MyMedLeads account now includes two-way texting! Easily communicate with leads and patients in real-time on their preferred devices. Learn more about our new two-way texting feature below.

Don’t Miss Out On The Benefits of Text Messaging

Did you know that only 49% of inquiries pick up the phone when you call, but 83% of text messages sent by practices receive a reply? If you aren’t texting your clients, then you’re leaving money on the table. Period.

While this cost-efficient form of communication has a wider reach and boasts higher open and response rates than most other marketing mediums, many practices have yet to take advantage of this high performance communication channel. Don’t miss out on this effective tool for staying connected with your leads and patients!

Setting Up Text Messaging in Your MyMedLeads Account

How do I set up SMS?

Your account must have, at minimum, a single call tracking number.  This number must be setup for texting and cannot be used to send appointment confirmations/reminders. If your system uses both two-way texting and text confirmations for appointments, then you will need, at minimum two phone numbers.

Your account will also need to have, at minimum, a single location.  When sending texts, you will not select the phone number, rather you will select the location that should send the text.  The location is associated with a call tracking number; your team will set this up in the following steps

Steps to Setup

  1. Create a Location, if you do not already have one in your account.   Go to Preferences -> Manage Staff/Location, on this screen scroll down to the Locations section and click AddNew.  By filling out the form and pressing Save, a location is created.
  2. Create a Call Tracking Number, by navigating to Preferences -> Phone Number Management.  On that screen select an exisitng number or create a new Call Tracking Number.  On the form, at the top of the screen, you will see an option to “Enable Text/SMS”, when you turn this ON, you can select the Location (see step 1) to associate this number to.  Press Save.

You are done. You may now navigate to a lead and while on the Lead Details screen you will see a button labeled “Send Text” underneath the lead’s phone number(s). By clicking this button, the text conversations tab will open and you will be able to select the location to send from, the lead’s phone number to use (if more than one is present). Once selected, you can enter a message to send and press “Send Text”.

Depending on how your account is set up, depends on whether the original message sent to the lead is actually sent, or a canned “Consent Message” is sent to the lead. Visit our Usage and Expectation section for more detail on this functionality.

If you want to turn OFF consent messages, you will need to contact Support and we can manage this for you.

Is there an extra fee for texting?

No. Two-way texting is included in your current plan.

Is text messaging HIPAA Compliant?

Yes, provided that the patient first gives express consent that it is okay to contact them via text message. This capability is built into our two-way texting feature.

What options do I have on consent?

We recommend that Automatic Consent is requested, but you can also opt to send the Consent request manually.