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Track Calls from Anywhere

Know Which Ads Are Making Your Phone Ring

  • Assign tracking numbers to any ad campaign
  • Automatically capture caller data and lead source
  • Record phone calls for quality assurance
  • Set up as many numbers as you need

Call Tracking and Recording Software for Doctors

It makes no sense to continue to spend money on advertising without knowing which campaigns are actually making your phone ring. MyMedLeads’s powerful call tracking system takes the guesswork out of where phone calls are coming from.

When someone calls a tracking number from an ad, the call is automatically routed to your office phone. Each call is recorded and the caller’s data, along with the lead source that sent them, is captured and entered into MyMedLeads. Automatic call data capture significantly reduces the amount of manual data entry your staff must perform.

Track Online Ads

  • Google Adwords
  • Organic Search Results
  • Online Directories
  • Email Campaigns
  • Social Media
  • Yelp Page

Track Offline Ads

  • TV Commercials
  • Radio Spots
  • Magazine Ads
  • Billboards
  • Direct Mail
  • Brochures

Call Reporting

  • Response Times
  • Call Sources
  • Outbound Call log
  • Call Duration
  • Call Recordings
  • Follow Up Habits

Set Up as Many Numbers as You Need

Your MyMedLeads account automatically comes with 10 free call-tracking numbers for you to begin using immediately on different ads. If you require additional tracking numbers, you can quickly and cheaply set up local or toll-free numbers from within MyMedLeads. This is perfect if you have multiple campaigns and advertisements that you would like to track calls for.

Automatically Capture Caller Info

MyMedLeads combines call tracking features with field-based data capture to automatically enter caller information into the system. Call tracking uses caller ID data to collect information like the caller’s name and phone number to automatically create a new lead in the system. This makes it easy for staff to begin managing the new lead right away while they have the caller on the phone.

The moment a call is captured in MyMedLeads, staff members will have access to a complete history of activity for that lead, including when the call came in, the ad campaign it originated from, when the lead was called back, email interactions and other follow-up activities.

Incoming Call Desktop Notifications

Call tracking works great with our instant desktop notification feature. When a call comes in through a tracking number, staff will be alerted moments before the phone is about to ring in your office via a popup on their desktop. This clickable notification logs staff directly into MyMedLeads and opens the lead capture card for that caller.

This notification also provides valuable, contextual data about the lead, such as what ad campaign they found you through. Knowing before they pick up the phone that a lead is calling from a radio ad they heard about laser lipo, or an email campaign for discounted botox, will better prepare staff for a successful phone conversation that converts the inquiry into a patient.

Call Recordings for Quality-Assurance

MyMedLeads can also record incoming and outgoing phone calls so that they can be referenced later. Listen to phone calls directly from your dashboard to evaluate how well your office reps are handling calls. These recordings can help staff optimize their phone performance to improve call outcomes and can act as an inexpensive tool for training new employees.

Listening to call recordings can also help you evaluate the types of prospects certain campaigns are producing and the nature of the questions they ask. This insight can reveal where information gaps may exist on your practice website and other information materials.

Call Reporting and Analytics

Call tracking gives you access to powerful reports and call logs that give you a high-level view of where calls are coming from, which campaigns are the biggest lead generators and the effectiveness of your staff members. Without call tracking, it is difficult to measure offline conversions from radio, TV and print ads. Call tracking ensures you get highly accurate reports on the true ROI of your entire marketing strategy.

MyMedLeads can automatically analyze call logs to produce staff performance reports that show staff members’ interactions with leads, including response times, phone etiquette, follow up habits and conversion rates. Staff performance reports make it easy to evaluate the effectiveness of your team and identify where improvements can be made.