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Patient loyalty stems from patient satisfaction. It’s essential that your practice prioritize making adequate time for the people who come in to see providers. The problem is there tends to be a shortage of hours in the day. There is simply not enough time to properly and personally care for patients, complete administrative duties associated with patient care, and build your practice and manage your reputation.

There is one strategy that can help you juggle all of these tasks, and that’s simply doing more with less. That’s where automating your practice comes into play. Take note of these 5 tactics that will help you to eliminate many time-consuming tasks and focus your energy where it needs to be.  

  • Appointment Reminders – Automatically reminding patients of their appointments saves lots of time and phone calls. Appointment reminder software can be used to let patients know about upcoming appointments and even customize the message and the time of delivery based on patient preferences. Think of how much time front desk staff can save by simply scheduling personalized appointment reminders with just a few clicks. 
  • Recall Messages – It’s a big job in itself to track down patients who are due for their next appointment or a follow up. Having staff call all of these individuals – most of whom they’ll leave a message for anyway – is inefficient and not always effective. On the other hand, encouraging current patients to return is a smart way to continue building out your practice. Automated recall messages reach patients without employees spending time on the phone. 
  • Birthday Messages – Birthday greetings are a smart marketing tactic, and also just make people feel good! If you used to send cards in the mail, consider switching to a greener and more efficient digital method. Patients will enjoy hearing from you on their day, and it’s a good way to remain top-of-mind while remaining environmentally-friendly. 
  • Lead Nurturing Campaigns – On average, for every 9 inquiries that a practice receives, only 1 schedules a consultation. These low conversion rates stem from the fact that most medical offices do not have a clearly defined lead management process. In lieu of a dedicated sales team, focus on targeted lead nurturing campaigns triggered by a patient’s activities. The focus of the campaign should be patient education, rather than self-promotion. You want to deliver valuable and insightful information that positions you as a trusted expert and care provider. 
  • Marketing ROI Reporting – Understanding the performance of your marketing activities can help you shift resources. Our doctors eliminate an average of 35% of their marketing expenses using detailed marketing ROI reports. MyMedLeads provides real-time, web-based reporting on all your marketing investments, and can track virtually any lead source so that you can do more of what’s working and reduce what isn’t. 

The healthcare industry has access to more sophisticated tools than ever, and savvy practices will leverage these to increase productivity and profitability. To learn more about how our web-based software tool can help you simplify and automate patient acquisition and retention, call 844-446-9633 or click on the button below to request a free demo.