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A Proactive Approach to Recovery and Growth

Re-opening a practice requires a great deal of time and resources. Whether you’re accepting in-person visits or integrating more telehealth into your practice model, you need to make certain that you are doing everything possible to not only recover, but actually see revenue growth to offset losses early in the year. Bottom line, is that you must change what you were doing.

Step One

Develop a campaign that reaches out to the prospects and former patients in your CRM. You have worked hard to develop this database, now is the time to use it. For prospects, offer some type of incentive for those that act within a certain time frame – the goal of course is to start booking procedures right away. For former patients, you could start a referral program, encouraging them to refer their friends – for a substantial discount on a future procedure for them. Be very clear, that now is the time to have procedures done given the limited amount of traveling and socializing we are doing.

Step Two

Source new leads by reaching out to your current lead generation vendors, challenging them to perform better than they have in the past. Pay-Per-Click (or PPC) campaigns that you were running should be evaluated and fine tuned for better results. Rather than throwing more money at it, spend wiser and more strategically – making sure you or your vendor understands the implications of negative keywords, quality scores and ad extensions.

PPC campaigns require constant management so make sure your vendor is actively involved in performance monitoring and acting on your best behalf. Keywords will need to be re-evaluated, updated bids will be needed, copy will need refreshing, timing of ad displays may have to be re-thought and landing pages will need testing.

Step Three

Ask yourself if you are really managing those leads to their fullest potential. Are you tracking results so that you know which lead gen sources are resulting in procedures getting scheduled? Do you have visibility to make the most of the leads that do come in? On average, for every 9 inquiries that a practice receives, only 1 schedules a consultation. These low conversion rates stem from the fact that most medical offices do not have a clearly defined lead management process. Unlike many other industries, medical practices don’t have an entire team of sales reps focusing all their time on turning marketing leads into customers. Furthermore, front desk staff members are not equipped with the tools they need to effectively manage the leads that their advertising does generate.

How MyMedLeads Can Help Restart Your Practice

MyMedLeads makes it easy to visualize your practice’s sales funnel, including how many leads you currently have, which stage each one is in, and what steps you need to take to move them closer to becoming a patient. Our easy to implement lead nurturing tools ensure that your name stays in front of prospective patients through consistent engagement and communication. Your goal should be – your mantra should be — to Never Lose Another Lead Again.

 MyMedLeads provides a centralized hub for managing prospective patient data and organizing leads into defined categories. Using unique lead capture technology, MyMedLeads captures, records, and logs incoming calls and automatically creates leads from web form submissions. The result is a high-level view of where leads are coming from, how they’re being managed and which ones are converting into paying patients.

Ready to Get Started?

Are you ready to take a more proactive approach to your practice recovery? MyMedLeads is here to help! Our tools, combined with our knowledgeable Customer Success Team, can help you get back on track to increased productivity and profitability. Call (844) 446-9633 or click below to get started!