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MyMedLeads client, Personique, was able to dramatically slash their advertising costs while improving their close ratio.  Based in Austin, TX, this multi-office plastic surgery practice gained control of their advertising spending, while also generating higher quantity and quality leads.  They have also seen dramatic improvement in all measurable lead metrics including advertising ROI, lead response time and the percentage of leads that convert to office visits and surgeries.

Attaining a higher level of efficiency and effectiveness is critical as aesthetic practices continue to recover from Covid and the aftershocks it has created in our specialty.  Turns out, Personique Plastic Surgery has been doing this all along – which is why (as some practices continue struggling to recover) their surgical calendar is already fully booked!  By combining their practice management software, Nextech, with a fully integrated Lead Management solution from MyMedLeads gives them visibility, accountability and objectivity.


  • Visibility: Personique can easily see which ad campaigns are delivering the highest value ROI. With that data they are now empowered to eliminate what isn’t working and double-down on what is delivering leads that convert to surgical procedures.
  • Accountability: The practice can track every element of their marketing programs and lead follow-up — truly making every lead count. They carefully monitor their lead response time, all the time.  What good is it to generate a lot of leads that cost you $5 to $100 per click if you fail to make the most of those leads?
  • Objectivity: MyMedLeads makes it possible for Personique to assign unique phone numbers to each campaign, forever putting an end to guessing games on lead attribution.

Unlike practice management software that is primarily designed for managing existing patients, MyMedLeads (MML) is designed specifically for the “pre-patient” sales workflow process. MML’s lead management software brings patient acquisition into sharp focus with easy-to-understand sales funnel visualization and marketing automation

According to Angelica Hesles, the practice manager at Personique, “We were spending upwards of $45,000 per month on various physician listing services to generate leads.  But once we implemented MyMedLeads, we quickly saw that several of the lead sources – several of which we had been using for years – were not delivering positive results.  By cutting them, we reduced our spending by 50%, yet saw our close ratio increase.”

Prior to implementing MyMedLeads, Personique was seeing a close ratio of 55% of raw lead to office visits.  Once MyMedLeads was in place, the quality of the leads improved – and their close ratio jumped up to 65%.  Some would assume that achieving these performance gains would indicate that there was an additional cost of personnel to manage both the EMR and Lead Management solutions.  But, full integration with Nextech means that all patient and prospect data is auto populated between both Nextech and MyMedLeads – actually improving staff efficiency.  This is one of those rare win-win-win moments for the practice where they are:

  • Dramatically improving their ROI on marketing spends
  • Making advertising decisions based on facts and figures vs. hopes and promises
  • Enjoying higher quality leads and leveraging marketing automation tools in MyMedLeads

Making Every Lead Count

Lead Response Time monitoring is another feature of MyMedLeads and Personique saw their fully weighted lead response time (this includes weekends, evenings and holidays) go from 50 hours down to 3 to 4 hours (weighted) and during normal business hours it is under 8 minutes.  This chart (specific to the aesthetics market), shows us why monitoring and improving lead response times is so important!

Response Time Matters!  Lead to Contact Rate Based on Time to Respond:

Personique clearly understands the value of maintaining a very rapid lead response time and they constantly monitor performance with the goal of reducing it as much as possible.  When deciding how much emphasis to place on lead response and its impact on your overall revenue, keep in mind the following statistics from aesthetics industry consultant Catherine Maley:

  • 48% of leads are NEVER followed up
  • Average first follow up is 72 hours later
  • The likelihood of contacting a prospective patient decreases 10X between 5-10 minutes
  • Chances increase 900% if the prospective patient is contacted in the first 10 minutes

By a show of hands, how many aesthetic practices can afford to squander half their leads by never even responding?  How many can afford to delay responding 10 minutes or more — effectively reducing the likelihood of contacting a prospective patient by a factor of TEN?  And, can anybody successfully manage their practice this way with Coronavirus lingering on?  The level of staff performance required is very high in our field and expecting this to be solved by supervisory monitoring is unrealistic.  Practices need lead management, monitoring and reporting that is fully EMR-integrated and automated

Staff Recognition Tools

When it comes time for staff reviews is it a challenge to measure performance as it corresponds to the practice’s profitability?  If you are looking for an accurate methodology to recognize your top performers, a lead management tool can help.  MyMedLeads provides the metrics you need to make certain that the staff most responsible for leads converting into procedures are identified, retained and rewarded.  Conversely, it can also identify staff that need to improve their skills.

Personique’s practice manager Hesles added, “We also had quite the a-ha moment when MyMedLeads clearly demonstrated that some staff were much more effective than others in turning calls and other leads into a consult.  We use the call recording feature in MyMedLeads as an opportunity to train and mentor staff so that everyone who handles inbound calls does so in a way that brings in new clients as well as improving the customer satisfaction of current patients.”

MyMedLeads recently announced the upcoming launch of their entirely new MyMedLeads Pro product.  This is a completely new software build with no less than 75 new product features and enhancements in the Pro version.  It is the first and only Aesthetic Lead Management tool that is “COVID-ready” including virtual consultation, live chat and online scheduling.  There is a new and easy to use email editor.  Operationally, the software is more responsive, saving staff time while boosting productivity and profitability.