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It’s hard to believe that we are already in the last month of 2019. It’s even harder to wrap our heads around the fact that it’s the last month of this decade! With the start of the 2020s right around the corner, we find ourselves reflecting on not only our progress over the past 12 months – but looking at how far we’ve come in the past years as well.

Whether or not you set New Year’s resolutions, this time of year tends to inspire us to contemplate ways we can improve our lives, both personally and professionally. You likely already have some things in mind you would like to change for yourself personally – exercise more, quit a bad habit, learn a new skill. We tend to be rather motivated and specific when it comes to identifying things that would move the needle in our personal lives.

Finding a Sense of Purpose and Value in the Work You Do

What about your professional goals, though? About 1/3 of human life is spent working, making our vocations a major part of our adult life. Yet, we don’t tend to approach our professional goals with the same ardent enthusiasm we bring to our personal endeavors. However, there’s good evidence showing that those who take personal accountability for both their work and personal lives enjoy a greater sense of purpose and resilience.

Have you given any thought to how you can create more meaning and abundance in your organization?

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you work at a medical practice in some form or capacity. Your team provides services that make a real difference in the lives of your patients. Whether you specialize in helping clients feel better about the way they look, or provide much needed relief for their ailments, you’re in the business of helping people. The better your practice does financially, the more capable your organization will be to provide patients with the excellent services and resources they deserve.

Looking at our jobs in this way can help keep us motivated. Articulating value-based goals and creating plans to act on them helps us stay productive and do the hard work necessary to achieve more professionally, leading to a more fulfilling and satisfying life overall.

What Can You Do to Create More Value for Your Practice?

Helping your practice achieve its most profitable year in 2020 becomes easier when you think about it in the framework of helping other people. Every day you get inquiries from prospective patients that want your services, but for whatever reason, don’t follow through with treatment. Helping more of these leads get the information and resources they need to pursue treatment will not only help them alleviate their concerns, your practice will flourish financially, and this raises morale for your team. It’s a Win/Win.

If you’re keen to make 2020 your best year, both personally and professionally, then we invite you to stay tuned for more tips on how you can help make 2020 the most profitable year yet for your team. How? By focusing on relationships and improving the experience for both your current and prospective patients.

Check back tomorrow for our next post in this series – we look forward to working toward a more prosperous future together!