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Improving Lead Follow-up and Conversion

Just because a prospect doesn’t call back or schedule surgery immediately doesn’t mean you should hang up your hat just yet. Studies show that offices that followed up at least 3 times with leads had a 45% higher conversion rate than offices that only called leads once. Your staff should be respectfully persistent in a way that demonstrates genuine interest in helping meet a potential patient’s needs. Without consistent follow-up, your lead conversion rates will continue to remain low.

Establishing Systems for Follow-Up

Create a system where your staff follows up in the same way with each prospect to ensure no opportunity is missed. Following up not only helps close prospective patients who are waffling, it also demonstrates to them that you are a clinic that follows through in all aspects of customer service.

MyMedLeads recommends a total of at least 7 touches per lead before moving on, at least 3 of which should be manual phone calls, texts, or emails. Automated messages are a great way to complement your existing follow-up protocols but should not be the only interaction a potential patient has with your practice. The extra “personal touch” will have an impact on both your conversion and retention rates. Respectful persistence that demonstrates a genuine interest in helping a potential patient with their needs is essential to the long-term success of any aesthetic practice.

How MyMedLeads Helps Practices Stay On Top of Follow-Up

MyMedLeads helps automate this process by generating automatic follow-up lists which are added to your staff’s daily to-do list. Follow-up call reminders can be triggered based on a number of customizable factors, and reps can also set up their own reminders to call specific leads back. Call 844-446-9633 to learn more or schedule a free demo.

Stay tuned for the next post in our Sales Funnel Series – Retention.