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As we continue to improve and expand on MyMedLeads features and services, we thought it would be a good idea to go over some of the current features you may not know about. Whether you’re new to MyMedLeads or you’re a seasoned user, it’s worth taking a look at the list below to ensure you are using your MyMedLeads account to its full potential.

  1. Create call tracking phone numbers for each advertising source – do you want to track the effectiveness of a print ad, a landing page on your website or a radio/billboard ad? Simply click on Call Tracking and add a new number.
  2. Send out patient forms with the click of a button – Store the most common email that you send out and add the patient forms to them. When a new patient is scheduled, simply clicking on Send Email and selecting your template will send out the forms via email.
  3. Train new employees on phone management skills – Getting a new employee is always a time consuming task because of the time it takes to train them. If you turn on call tracking, MyMedLeads will record incoming calls. Find the top 10 calls and have them listen to examples of how they should sound and how they should answer.
  4. Track your ROI on your marketing – Run ROI reports from an iPad or a desktop. Turn on ROI tracking and we can compare your expenses against your revenue. This will help you make smarter marketing decisions.
  5. Automate your marketing – Did you know that you can create an email campaign for each major procedure or service you offer?  When an inquiry comes in, our system can automatically send a series of time released emails in English or Spanish to help market your practice to potential patients.
  6. Followup with old leads – MyMedLeads makes it easy to view leads from previous weeks or months that have not become patients. We ensure that 100% of your leads are being followed up with.
  7. Manage your online reputation – MyMedLeads captures patient reviews but did you know that we can also syndicate those reviews to review sites on the web?
  8. Track Google Adwords –  Wether you manage your pay per click yourself or third party companies such as ReachLocal, Yodel etc.. manage them for you, we can track phone calls and form submissions.
  9. Send text message reminders and maps to your patients – If you are using our Schedule Consult feature, a series of reminders are automatically sent to your patients. This feature helps drastically reduce no shows.
  10. Track your progress – Our reports let you see the effectiveness of your advertising as well as your conversion rates, but it is important that you use the Schedule Consult button to ensure that your data is accurate. Feel free to contact us if you need assistance.