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The majority of cosmetic and plastic surgeons that we work with have a similar approach to their Internet and search marketing strategies. Most aesthetic surgeons offer an extensive list of procedures and advertise all of these services on their website. They invest their SEO and PPC dollars into trying to rank for every cosmetic treatment in their geographic area. By casting such a wide net however, their marketing efforts are often diluted and less effective than doctors who take a more intentional and focused approach.

To avoid spreading your advertising too thin and being ineffective, there are 3 important aspects of your practice to consider.

  1. Which procedures generate the highest profit?
  2. Which procedures do I prefer to perform?
  3. Which procedures are impacting customer feedback?

By asking yourself the above questions, you should now have a workable roadmap to begin customizing a marketing strategy that works for you.

Your Most Profitable Procedures

Just because a facelift typically generates more revenue doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the most profitable procedure for your practice. Some procedures obviously require more time, planning, resources and personnel to accomplish. Consider which procedures produce a good amount of revenue but that do not consume as much of your energy and resources.

Your “Happiness” Procedures

You more than likely have certain procedures or treatments that you favor in your practice. It may be that you possess exceptional skill at performing this one particular procedure and consistently achieve stunning results. There are also likely procedures that you enjoy performing more than others, simply because they are less taxing on you and your staff.

Your Customer Feedback Procedures

It is also important to pay close attention to what your patients are saying about their results. Monitor online review sites like Yelp, Google, Vitals.com, etc… If you are getting poor reviews in a particular area or procedure, then you might consider deemphasizing this service on your website and in your advertising. On the flipside, if you are getting consistently positive reviews for a certain treatment, then it might be in your best interest to ramp up marketing for this service.

A Custom-Built Marketing Plan that Fits YOU.

Once you have a list of procedures based on these considerations, you can begin looking at ways to realign and optimize your marketing strategy.

Let’s say that you currently get a lot of inquiries for tummy tuck surgery. While this procedure generates a good amount of revenue, it can also be very time-intensive and complicated to perform. It requires a lot of surgical planning, extensive time in the OR and additional nurses during surgery.

On the other hand, maybe you really enjoy performing eyelid surgery. It’s a simple, straightforward procedure and you always get good results. It can be done in a fairly short amount of time and is resource efficient. What if you could schedule 10 – 20 more patients a month for this procedure? Would that counterbalance or exceed the revenue you are currently generating through tummy tuck procedures?

If the answer is yes, then reallocating a large portion of your advertising to focus on eyelid surgery might be in your best interest. Could you become known as THE eyelid surgeon of your region? Concentrating your SEO and PPC efforts to focus on this procedure will subsequently increase your online exposure and should result in more inquiries. Performing more procedures that you get consistently great results with will likely translate to a surge in positive online reviews, further enhancing your credibility as an expert in this area.

A well-structured, customized marketing plan can get you the patients you’re looking for and really take your practice to the next level. Visit MyMedLeads.com to learn how you can start managing your practice marketing more effectively.