Facebook Pixel

Recent statistics have indicated that Facebook is now driving more online traffic than Google to many big-name sites across the web (among others). Much of the Facebook-driven traffic originates from links that members and brand pages post. Facebook also gives advertisers some unique targeting options that allow brands to select which group of people will see their ad.

MyMedLeads is excited to announce our newest feature – MyMedLeads Deals!

Our team has been busy working on a Facebook Paid Ad strategy that will help MyMedLeads clients gain new patients and reconnect with old clients.

The new service works like this:

Step 1. Our writers will craft an email campaign to send out to all of the leads in your MyMedLeads account. This email will be an invitation to view and like your Facebook fan page to stay up-to-date on special offers, giveaways and receive helpful tips.

Step 2. Once your practice has obtained more followers, our team will create specific Facebook ads to target not only your followers but local users that fit your demographics (for example: women between the ages of 28 to 55 in the Austin area).

Step 3. The Facebook ads will appear in user’s Facebook newsfeed like the example shown below.

Step 4. When Facebook users click on the ad, they will be taken to your personal MyMedLeads Deal landing page. This deal page includes a form and social media badges so that they can easily share your special offer with their friends.  There is also a direct link to Google + so that you can gather reviews.

Step 5. When a customer fills out the form or calls the unique call tracking number listed on your deal page, the lead will be tracked as “MyMedLeads Deals” in your account.

This new program is paid for on a month-to-month basis. We take care of all design, email marketing, and tracking.  We are currently waiving the $300 setup fee and the cost of the MyMedLeads Deals Program is $399 per month. This gets you exclusive rights for your procedure in your city with a 3 month minimum.

To claim your spot in the MyMedLeads Deal Program now, please call 512-657-5866 today!