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MyMedLeads offers powerful call tracking features that integrate fully with our lead management software. Call tracking allows you to provision unique tracking phone numbers to assign to different ad campaigns. When someone calls this tracking number, the call is automatically routed to your office phone. Each call is recorded and the caller’s data is captured and entered into MyMedLeads, reducing the amount of manual data entry for your staff.

The software can pick up an incoming phone call before the phone even rings in your office. MyMedLeads displays a desktop notification to alert your staff moments before the call comes in. This popup shows useful caller data including the marketing campaign that they found your practice through. Clicking on the notification automatically opens a call capture card within MyMedLeads. This functionality enables quick service and ensures that every lead and potential patient is captured. Automatic lead source capture also increases the accuracy and credibility of ROI calculations.

Call tracking also converts a caller’s phone number into a clickable link when entered into the system. Now, when your staff is going through their daily follow-up list, outgoing calls can be made quickly with the click of a button. Auto-dial features help increase productivity while removing the “dead time” from the calling process. This functionality also enables the system to keep a complete record of phone communications with each lead. These logs show things like how long it took staff to call a lead back once the inquiry was received and the number of times the lead was called. Activity reports are used to generate staff performance reports that reveal metrics such as average response time, total outbound calls and conversion rates.

The ability to track the origin of every call your practice receives gives you access to crucial performance data. It makes no sense to spend money on advertising without knowing which campaigns are generating phone calls, and more importantly, sending your practice paying patients. Call tracking and ROI reporting features give you the ability to view all of your campaign conversion data directly in MyMedLeads. These detailed metrics give you the insight you need to optimize your ad spend and adjust your marketing approach accordingly.

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Online Call TrackingOffline Call TrackingCall Tracking & Reporting
Google AdwordsTV CommercialsResponse Times
Organic Search ResultsRadio SpotsCall Sources
Online DirectoriesMagazine adsOutbound Call log
Email CampaignsBillboardsCall duration
Social MediaDirect MailCall Recordings
Yelp PageBrochuresFollow Up Habits

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