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Patient Review Service FAQ

How does the service work?

Once you check a patient into your practice management software, MyMedLeads is alerted and adds that them to your feedback schedule. The patient will then receive an email asking them to rate their experience via a 5-star rating system. Patients who give you 4 or 5 stars are immediately redirected to one of your review sites, such as Yelp, Google, or Realself, making it easy for them to write a public review for your practice.

Patients that select 3 stars or less are shown an apology message letting them know you want to make the situation right. They will also be shown a comment box where they can leave their feedback about what went wrong, and what could have been done better. This feedback is captured internally, it is NOT posted to the web. The private feedback will be emailed to you so that you can take appropriate measures to rectify the situation. This gives you the opportunity to solve the problem before the individual vents their frustrations online. This feedback is also very useful, as it provides highly valuable insight that can help you avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

How many review sites do I get to pick?

We suggest that you only select 3 review sites at a time. Giving a patient too many choices usually means that the client will choose none.

We have multiple doctors at our practice. How does the Patient Review Service work for our practice?

Our Patient Review Service is very flexible. The first thing to determine is whether you want to build reviews under the practice name or the doctor’s name. Larger practices with many doctors may opt to centralize the reviews while smaller practices might want to build reviews on doctor’s personal profiles. Please give us a call at 844-446-9633 to discuss ideas as to how to best set up your account. The best part is that you can always start with one system and switch later on.

What if I want to change the review sites?

Simply call our support line once you want to change your three sites. You may do so any time.

Am I committed to a year?

The Patient Review Service is a month-to-month service, so you can cancel anytime, however we do offer a discount for annul subscribers. Pay only 11 months and get the 12th month for free. Please give us a call at 844-446-9633 to get started.

How much does the service cost?

The service is only $149 per doctor per month for individual review sites. If your practice is centralizing all of the reviews under the practice name, a $249 per month rate is available for practices with 2 to 4 doctors. If your practice has 5 doctors or more, please contact us at 844-446-9633 to discuss enterprise prices.

Most patients who are pleased with the service or treatment they received from a physician are gracious and willing to leave appreciative comments. The key is to remove the roadblocks and make it as effortless as possible for the patient, and MyMedLeads does just that!