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PhoneMyMedLeads is excited to announce that this month we will be rolling out a series of new features and updates to MyMedLeads. One feature that we’re particularly excited about is Electronic Patient Confirmations.

Our software has always provided automatic text and email appointment reminders, but up until now, that communication was only one-way. With this enhanced functionality, our SMS and email reminders are now two-way, allowing patients to easily confirm (or request a reschedule) by simply clicking a button or replying to a text.

MyMedLeads’ software suite is designed to streamline and simplify your front office daily routine. Our newly added confirmation feature will eliminate the time commitment of playing phone tag with patients.

SMS and email confirmation messages are also less intrusive for the patient. Most people are busy throughout the day and cannot always answer the phone, which can make confirming their appointment tricky. SMS and email reminders allow your patients to confirm their appointments when it is convenient for them.

Text and email messages have also been shown to achieve higher confirmation rates than other communication mediums. A number of different studies have shown that utilizing text and email reminders and confirmations can significantly reduce the amount of “no shows” you get each week.

Electronic reminders and confirmations are a cost efficient way to:

  • Recover potential lost revenue
  • Improve the efficiency of care delivery
  • Streamline scheduling and office workflow
  • Increase patient satisfaction and retention
  • Automate time consuming, repetitive tasks
  • Increase response rates of your appointment reminders