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MyMedLeads is a tool used by hundreds of medical practices to  increase revenue from new patients while reducing advertising expenses:

  1. Capture 100% of inquiries – Our tool tracks 100% of inquiries and helps your staff convert them into paying customers. Track form submissions, calls and referrals
  2. Track ROI – Track the return on investment for any advertising source and eliminate expenses
  3. Track Landing Pages – Track specific pages on your site to see if they delivery paying patients and not just leads
  4. Reduce the response time on inquiries to your website – we put a stop watch to each lead that arrives from your website to ensure that leads are called promptly
  5. Improve the efficacy of your front desk – MyMedLeads turns your employees into sales superstars to increase conversion rates
  6. Increase revenue & profit for your practice – Less advertising expenses + more patients each month = more profit
  7. Nurture leads until they are ready – not all inquiries turn into patients on day 1. That is why we offer automated email campaigns for each service or procedure you offer.
  8. Market in English or Spanish – With a click of a checkbox, turn a nurturing email campaign to Spanish
  9. Eliminate “No Shows” – We send maps to your office to each patient before a consult as well as reminders by email and text
  10. Fill last minute cancellations – Send text message alerts to patients to fill open spots
  11. Constant Followup – a lead must be called up to 4 to 5 times before giving up on it. Our tool ensures that this happens.
  12. Activity Reports – Track your staffs daily performance and conversion rates from any online device
  13. Outbound call tracking and recording – Our patent pending system can track the number of times a lead gets called and even record inbound and outbound calls
  14. Listen to Calls – listen to how your staff sounds and use recordings to train others
  15. Track your pay per click – Track which incoming leads are pay per click to ensure it is working for you financially
  16. Track offline leads – we can issue tracking phone numbers (which you will own) that will forward to your office. That way you can track how patients are finding you.
  17. 48 hour set up – We can have your practice running in 48 hours. We also provide a set of training videos on how to use our easy product
  18. Manage leads from anywhere – Our web based tool allows you to manage leads from anywhere
  19. Iphone and Ipad compatible – view activity reports while on vacation
  20. Have peace of mind – Finally, have control that you deserve over your medical practice

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