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Send Texts Directly to Patients’ Mobile Phones from Your MyMedLeads Account

We’re pleased to announce the addition of two-way texting in MyMedLeads! You can now easily connect with patients on their preferred devices. Our new two-way texting feature embraces the conversational nature of SMS, allowing staff to communicate with leads and patients in real-time.

All sent text messages and SMS replies are recorded in the history section of the Lead Details page, making it easy for staff to quickly reference previous conversations. Received texts are also converted to an email that notifies reps when a lead or patient replies.

Setting Up 2-Way Texting in Your Account

Ready to get started with 2-way texting in your MyMedLeads account? Watch our quick, 2-minute tutorial below!

2-Way Texting Documentation

For a more detailed look at the setup process and how this new feature works, check out our documentation guide on 2-way texting as well as our help desk article: How do I use two-way texting?